Top 5 Romantic Restaurants in Vancouver, BC

Where to Go for a First Date, Date Night, or Romantic Occasion

Vancouver is blessed with an amazing food and dining scene, from incredible fine dining to delectable cheap eats. But not all restaurants have the perfect combination of ambiance and taste to make this list of Vancouver's Most Romantic Restaurants.

Use this Guide to Romantic Restaurants in Vancouver to find the perfect spot for a first date, grand affair, date-night, or other special occasion in Vancouver, BC.

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    Hapa Izakaya in Kitsilano, Vancouver. Image Courtesy of Hapa Izakaya

    Izakayas--styled after Japenese izakayas-- are "eating and drinking lounges" that serve Tokyo-inspired tapas that are designed to be shared. In Vancouver, izakayas are a big trend, and one of the best--and best tasting--is Hapa Izakaya, with locations in Yaletown and the West End / Coal Harbour.

    Hapa Izakaya makes this list of romantic restaurants in Vancouver because it makes a perfect first-date spot: Because you share the dishes, you and your date will have something to talk about (the food, the choices), the decor is sleek and upscale enough for both people to feel comfortable being a bit dressed up (though you can also go very casual), and the price is affordable, making it easy to treat or split the bill.

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    Vancouver Chambar Mussels
    Chambar's famous Belgian mussels. Image Courtesy of Chambar Restaurant

    Chambar is both one of the most romantic restaurants in Vancouver and one of it's most stylish. Attracting a diverse crowd--groups, couples, friends--the hip Chambar makes the perfect setting for a first date or date night. The food is delicious (though it can be pricey), and the ambiance is uptown.

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    romantic restaurants vancouver: l'abattoir
    L'Abattoir. Image Courtesy of L'Abattoir

    While L'Abattoir is a great place to dine--and an even better one to drink (it's one of the Top 10 Spots for Cocktails in Vancouver)--it makes this list of best romantic restaurants in Vancouver for its location, style, and dark and sexy atmosphere.

    L'Abattoir is where you take a date to have dinner and explore Gastown's nightlife: Dine at L'Abattoir before or after cocktails at The Diamond, then head to the Lamplighter Pub for a younger crowd or to the Irish Heather for a more casual pub crowd (and great whiskey as a night cap)--they're all within walking distance of each other.

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    seasons in the park skyline wine view
    Seasons in the Park's skyline view. Image Courtesy of Sequoia Company of Restaurants

    One of the Top 5 Vancouver Restaurants with a View, Seasons in the Park makes the cut for most romantic restaurants in Vancouver for its relaxed elegance, its remarkable views (you can see the entire downtown skyline from this restaurant, which sits atop Queen Elizabeth Park at the highest point in the city), and its mid-range price point (it's not as expensive as Chambar though a bit pricier than Hapa Izakaya). You can also feel comfortable at Seasons in virtually any clothes: dressy is OK, but you'll be just as at ease in jeans and a t-shirt.

    For more grandeur--and amazing views--there's also the Five Sails Restaurant at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

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    Blue Water Cafe Vancouver
    Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar, outdoor patio. Image Coutesy of Tourism Vancouver

    When I describe Vancouver's famous Blue Water Cafe + Raw Bar as "traditionally" romantic, I don't mean to denigrate it in any way: this is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver--period--with wonderful farm-(or ocean)-to-table seafood prepared in exquisite ways. It's a traditional romantic choice in that it fulfills all the criteria for an ideal date:  elegance, sublime food and service, and a chance to dress up for an evening out.