Top Romantic Restaurants in Oklahoma City

Devon Tower and city skyline at dusk, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State, USA
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Whether it be an anniversary, birthday, Valentine's Day or just a romantic night out on the town, a nice dinner is often part of the best package. In Oklahoma City, there are several restaurants well-suited to a romantic eating experience. Some of them that might make a list like this, such as Michael's Grill or Mickey Mantle's, are on my Top Restaurants Unique to OKC list.

But apart from those fantastic restaurants, here are 6 that are ideal for the romantic dinner.  Included is contact information and a short profile for each.

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    Boulevard Steakhouse in Edmond, Oklahoma
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    I've heard some people complain Boulevard Steakhouse has become so busy that the experience suffers, but I haven't seen it. This place is one of the best. With beautiful table settings, a great wine selection and a quality menu of steak and seafood, Boulevard is perfect for romantic dining.
    - Private dining
    - Live jazz in lounge on weekends
    - Address: 505 S Boulevard (Edmond)
    - Phone: (405) 715-2333

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    Mantel Wine Bar & Bistro Oklahoma City
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    This is one excellent restaurant to go on a date in Bricktown. It's another place with great atmosphere, having that fine dining feel while still a bit casual. The service is good, and the prices are reasonable on menu items such as steak, chicken and seafood.
    - Catering and private rooms
    - Outdoor dining
    - Address: 201 E Sheridan
    - Phone: (405) 236-8040

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    Museum of Art in Oklahoma City
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    Located on the ground floor of the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Museum Cafe offers fine dining all the time and quite an elegant, romantic atmosphere in the evening. Plan to spend at least $20-30 for one of the fantastic French entrées, but you'll impress your date with the upscale dining downtown.
    - Outdoor patio dining, one of the best such spots in OKC
    - Private party banquet rooms
    - Address: 415 Couch Dr.
    - Phone: (405) 235-6262

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    This pick gives us something just a bit different. Castle Falls presents European-influenced cuisine in a beautiful castle setting. Visitors can eat in a rustic and casual cellar or on the Primrose Level, complete with lanterns and linens. Prices are reasonable and the food unique, a place to try for a romantic night.
    - Catering and party hosting
    - Garden dining
    - Address: 820 N MacArthur
    - Phone: (405) 942-6133

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    Devon Tower and city skyline at dusk, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma State, USA
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    Those looking for a romantic dining experience want good food, certainly, but the ambiance is just as important, perhaps even more.  It's difficult to get much better than the stunning views at Vast, the restaurant 49th floor of the downtown Devon Energy Center, just over 726 feet high. 
    - Private rooms
    - Special event space
    - Address: 280 W. Sheridan Ave.
    - Phone: (405) 702-7262

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    Make your way to Oklahoma City's unique Paseo Arts District for an outstanding romantic experience.  I love the private feel of the booths, and the menu includes a nice variety of seafood, steak and sides.
    - Catering and private dining
    - Outdoor dining
    - Address: 2909 Paseo, Unit A
    - Phone: (405) 601-1079