Romantic Destinations in Eastern Europe

If you're traveling to East or East Central Europe for Valentine's Day, an anniversary, to propose, or simply to spend some quality time with your significant other, count on the following romance-filled travel destinations to ramp up the intimacy.

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Love and promise padlocks on Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic
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Prague may just be East Central Europe's romance capital with the "thousand spires" of its medieval old town and modern appeal ideal for couples who want to experience Old World Europe with as few inconveniences as possible. See Prague's legendary sights by day, then enjoy the city's mystery by night. A visit to Prague castle will have you oohing and aahing together, while the crowds on Charles Bridge will keep you pressed close.

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Dubrovnik is a popular city with young backpackers
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Dubrovnik has been making hearts beat for centuries. Share the beauty and culture of Old Town Dubrovnik with your loved one for memories that never fade. View the historic center from the city walls, and peek into forgotten gardens, crumbling edifices, and half-hidden cloisters. At night, share a bottle of Croatian wine at a waterside restaurant.

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Couple on bench near Chain Bridge.
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Though some may describe Budapest's glory as "faded," the Hungarian capital city is great for romantics. Architecture dripping with details, historic cafes, a lively performing arts scene, and the famous thermal baths make plenty of opportunities for couples to get to know each other just as they get to know the city.

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St. Petersburg

Catherine Palace Near Saint Petersburg, Russia
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St. Petersburg's canal-riddled streets, enormous palaces, art treasures, and literary sites provide the perfect backdrop for renewing your wooing. Spend a day at Catherine Palace or Peterhoff to show her she's your queen.

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Lake Bled

Lake Bled, Church and island
Ken Scicluna/John Warburton-Lee Photography Ltd/Getty Images

With its cool mountain scenery and serene blue water, Lake Bled is a romance-seekers paradise. Climb the 99 steps up to the church on the island in the middle of the lake to solidify your future together. 

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Rynek glowny, market place with street cafes and town hall tower at dusk, Krakow, Poland, Europe
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Krakow is the Polish city of many a traveler's heart, which makes it a meaningful place to spend with a significant other. The Old World feel of the historic center makes it ideal for pressed-close selfie memories and sharing plates of buttery pierogi.

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Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, Europe
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Cesky Krumlov is the type of classic location film companies have co-opted for the setting of an animated adventure involving princesses and their animal sidekicks. The magic of this medieval town is apparent from the views from the Renaissance tower that tops the castle there. You and your travel companion will want to break into song when you visit this Czech jewel. There's a good reason the word "love" appears in its name.

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