Top Romantic Attractions In Paris: Best Things to Do Together


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Paris is reputed as the city for lovers par excellence, and for good reason. There seems to be built-in romance everywhere you turn, from poetic parks and gardens to breathtaking panoramas and world-class restaurants. All these elements can combine to make for a truly romantic experience. No wonder so many couples choose the capital for a destination honeymoon or anniversary trip.

Coming to Paris on or around Valentine's Day can be truly idyllic, but no matter when you come for a jaunt in the city of light, making a special time of it is easy. With so many romantic Paris attractions to choose from, your only problem will be deciding where to start. Scroll through for tons of ideas. 

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Take a Romantic Stroll Together

Twilight along Pont Alexandre III over River Seine, Paris, France
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It's free, easy, and très romantique: a twilight or evening stroll in some of Paris' most romantic places to walk is guaranteed to be a memorable experience. No wonder so many squeaky-clean romantic comedies show lovers wandering Paris.

More ideas for romantic walks in the capital:

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Have a Gourmet Tete a Tete at a Romantic Restaurant

Hotel Meurice Dining Room
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Paris is filled with top-rate romantic restaurants. Assuming that you reserve ahead and avoid overly-noisy or crowded restaurants, dinner for two is definitely in order. Whatever your budget and tastes, there are plenty of options, from Michelin-starred tables to quiet, unassuming bistros serving authentic French cuisine. You can even dine in the dark, getting to know each other in a whole new way!

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Enjoy a Breathtaking Panoramic View of the City Together

The Eiffel Tower at night

TripSavvy / Taylor McIntyre

Imagine overlooking the entire city of light with someone you love. Paris affords several great spots for romantic panoramic views. Some of them are even free.

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See a Show Together

Palais Opera

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Renowned for its excellent performing arts scene, Paris is an ideal destination for a romantic night of music or theater. If you're both learning French, what could be more stimulating than seeing a play in French and then decrypting it together afterward? For non-French speakers, not to worry-- many shows require only a love for the arts.



Cabaret Shows and Concerts:

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Take a Boat Tour or Cruise

Cruise on the seine

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What could be more idyllic than floating down the Seine in a lazy cruise boat, hand in hand with someone special? Paris boat tours are a fantastic way to see the city in a relaxed, picturesque light, and a great pretext for cozying up. For something more unusual, try taking a tour of Paris canals and underground waterways.

For an especially romantic evening out that includes sparkling lights on the water, fine dining and unforgettable views of some of the city's most iconic places, we definitely recommend booking a dinner cruise. 

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See an Old Movie at a Classic Parisian Cinema

La Pagode Cinema in Paris
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For couples who share a passion for great movies, Paris is a great place to spend an evening at an old movie. The city of light is a cinephile's dream and has lots of fantastic places for celluloid, so try one of Paris' best movie theaters before or after dinner. Something about these charming theaters evokes a kind of old-school romance that's hard to come by these days.

In the summer, open-air screenings of classic and contemporary films at the Parc de la Villette can be a great excuse for cuddling up on a blanket under the stars.

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Stroll or Picnic in a Beautiful City Garden

Tuileries Garden

TripSavvy / Taylor McIntyre

Paris is packed with elegant parks and gardens, where lazy ambling and cuddling is always romantic. Picnics are also a must in spring and summer: try champagne and strawberries for a special, festive touch. Match these fabulous green spots to your desired ambiance:

Classical and formal:


  • Buttes-Chaumont
  • Parc Montsouris
  • Parc de Vincennes (Paris outskirts-- summer jazz shows)
  • Bois de Boulogne (Paris outskirts)


  • Parc Andre Citroen
  • Parc de la Villette
  • Promenade Plantee (gardens built above ground on defunct railway)


  • Jardin des Plantes (botanical garden and zoo)
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Cozy Up in a Traditional Paris Cafe or Brasserie

Paris in White - Cafe glowing in the morning
Berthold Trenkel/Getty Images

Traditional Parisian cafes offer plenty of heady romantic ambiance. Lean in over a cafe creme for an intimate conversation at one of these traditional cafe-brasseries. You can even pretend you're De Beauvoir and Sartre (or some other famed couple of intellectuels sharing passion for ideas and for each other)...

If you're both literature fans, why not take our self-guided tour to some of the most famous literary haunts in Paris? These places frequented by the likes of Oscar Wilde, Colette, and Hemingway ooze with both style and romance. 

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