Top 5 Restaurants in Leipzig

From Saxon Comfort Food to International cuisine

Falco Leipzig
••• Falco Leipzig

Looking for a great restaurant after a day of sightseeing in Leipzig? For a true taste of the city, here are some of the best restaurants in Leipzig, from fine dining and international cuisine, to East German comfort food.

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    Auerbachs Keller in Leipzig
    ••• Amrei-Marie

    Want to check one of Germany's most famous restaurants off your list? Then visit Leipzig's Auerbachs Keller, set in the beautiful Mädler Passage in the heart of the city.

    Dating back to the Middle Ages, it is one of the oldest restaurants in the country and was the favorite restaurant of Germany's most influential writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He even included the pub’s wine cellar and the legend of Mephisto into his famous play, Faust.

    In the dark and cozy vaulted cellar rooms, the home made beef roulade with red cabbage and Saxon potatoes dumplings are the perfect comfort food for cold weather. Make sure to touch the foot of Goethe’s statue at the entrance of the restaurants for good luck. The restaurant is on the to-do list of most travelers, so make reservations.

    Address: Grimmaische Straße 2-4, 04109 Leipzig

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    Thüringer Hof in Leipzig
    ••• Thüringer Hof

    While Auerbachs Keller can seem a bit touristy, Thüringer Hof is a wonderful alternative. Lesser known, the down-to-earth restaurant is a favorite of locals and visitors alike.

    The good old-fashioned German food already lured Martin Luther and German composer Johann Sebastian Bach in with traditional Thuringian and Franconian recipes that haven't changed much throughout the centuries. The menu includes regional specialties such as Thuringian potato soup with sausage, or marinated beef with raisin sauce and dumplings. For dessert, order Quarkkeulchen, pancakes made of mashed potatoes and quark cheese, served with vanilla ice cream and applesauce.

    Address: Burgstraße 19, 04109 Leipzig

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    ••• Stadtpfeiffer

    After a concert in the Gewandhaus, which is home to the oldest symphony orchestra in the world, head to the modern and airy restaurant Stadtpfeiffer, famous for its international gourmet cuisine combined with regional ingredients.

    Service is impeccable and the sophisticated menu of the Michelin-starred restaurant changes with the season. It features delicacies such as venison with chestnut purée, scallops with Perigord truffles, bacon, and glazed red beets, warm chocolate cake with lavender ice cream and caramelized tangerines. Prices are above average, but guests agree that it is worth the money. Reservations are a must.

    Address: Gewandhaus, Augustusplatz 8, 04109 Leipzig

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    Falco Leipzig
    ••• Falco Leipzig

    Set on the 27th floor of the Westin Hotel, Restaurant FALCO earned two Michelin stars with its international gourmet cuisine. Peter Maria Schnurr arranges his dishes with great attention to detail and only uses the freshest ingredients. Eat a la carte or indulge in a multi-course Menu Passion or Menu Légere. Every dish on the carefully crafted menu reads like a poem and with first class service, panoramic views over Leipzig’s cityscape and a cocktail bar that boasts a selection of more than 180 whiskeys - you might enjoy one of the best dining experiences in Germany.

    Address: Gerberstr. 15, 04105 Leipzig

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    Zills Tunnel in Leipzig
    ••• Zills Tunnel

    If you are interested in trying some regional Saxon fare, this is the restaurant for you. Dating back to 1875 and set in a restored townhouse, Zille’s Tunnel is well-known for its Saxon dishes and beers.

    Spread over different floors, you can dine in the cozy Bierstube with its vaulted ceilings and murals, or opt for the elegant Weinstube on the 2nd floor with its stellar wine selection.

    For a true taste of Leipzig, don’t miss the dish called Leipziger Allerlei, a selection of young vegetables such as carrots, kohlrabi, cauliflower and asparagus, with morel mushrooms, crayfish tails, and dumplings.

    Address: Barfußgäßchen 9, 04109 Leipzig

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    Coffee Houses in Leipzig

    Riquet Coffee house in Leipzig
    ••• Kaffeehaus Riquet. Dr. Bernd Gross

    Leipzig is home to many classic coffee houses, many of them hundreds of years old. Some of the most traditional (and beautiful) are:

    Besides home made cakes and Torten, make sure to try Leipziger Lerche (Lark of Leipzig), a sweet pastry filled with marzipan, nuts and a cherry.