Top 12 Reasons To Go To A Spa

Get Healthy, Lose Weight...Or Indulge!

Looking for a reason to go on a spa vacation? Spas have been known as places of healing for thousands of years. Native peoples, Roman soldiers, royals, and paupers all journeyed to bathe in warm mineral springs famed for their ability to alleviate pain and cure ailments. Today's spas are no longer tied exclusively to thermal waters, but they still promise relaxation, rejuvenation and a renewed sense of purpose. 

At the basic level, spas offer therapeutic treatments like massage, body treatments, and facials, which improve your sense of well-being. At the highest level, legendary destination spas like Canyon Ranch Lenox can help you with medical issues or cope with a major life setback like divorce and death. Here are a number of ways to enjoy the health benefits of spas, and suggestions on where to go.