The Top 5 Reasons For Traveling Solo

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To Learn More About Yourself

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There is something about traveling solo that not only reveals the world and its attractions to us, but it is also an experience that tells us more about our own personalities, and reveals secrets about ourselves that we could not even consider. Whether it is seeing the majesty of human achievement as the sun comes up over Angkor Wat, or enjoying the amazing scenery while hiking in the high Himalayas, solo travel reveals as much about us as it does about where go. It doesn't necessarily have to be a challenging solo trip either, and feeling a connection with the destination is what really matters, with traveling solo really making this easier than for those traveling as a group.

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To Try New Experiences

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For those who do choose to travel alone, one of the great benefits is that they are not subject to the same restrictions that people experience when they are traveling as a group or as a family. From spending time volunteering with a group promoting the protection of sea turtles in Indonesia to taking a detour from your schedule to go snowboarding for a week in the Argentine highlands, the only thing that can stop you is your own caution and the time you have available while traveling. These new experiences can range from adventure travel and adrenaline activities through to luxurious pampering treatments. The thrill of experiencing something new is another great reason to travel solo. You'll be surprised what you find you are capable of doing when you are on your own!

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Travel Extends Your Life Expectancy

Travel Extends your life expectancy

Research has found that the release of stress that comes with taking a holiday can be a significant contributor to extending the life span of people who travel regularly. While having to organize everything for the family vacation may not be the most stress free experience in the world, for those who do travel solo, it is just a case of putting a few things in a bag, choosing a destination and seeing where the journey will take them. 

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To Meet New People

Meet new people

Another reason that many people will travel solo is that it means that it is almost inevitable that you will meet new people. Whether it is others who will be staying in the same hostels or the locals in the different places that you visit. Many of the most delightful and interesting encounters that solo travelers will enjoy are ones that people wouldn't have experienced traveling as a group or as a couple. Indeed, there are plenty of tales of those who met their partners while traveling solo, with a love blossoming that is based on the shared love of travel, which then grows into something much more exciting.

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To Get Away From the Everyday

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Being able to escape and to reinvent yourself on holiday is one of the best reasons to travel solo. Leave behind what may have been weighing you down with work responsibilities and bills. With traveling solo, you can leave all of that behind for a period. At work you may wear the shirt and tie and do a good job of climbing the career ladder, but solo travel means that you can take a break from this pressure and spend some time being who you really want to be and embracing what new countries have to offer. It's a great life balance to get away and have some time to yourself. You'll come back with a fresh perspective and new outlook on your day to day responsibilities.

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