Top 2 Pizza Places in Denver

Satisfy Your Craving in the Mile High City

Looking for a good slice of pizza in the Mile High City? Visit one of the top two pizza places in Denver to satisfy your craving for a slice, whether you like Chicago style or lean more towards New York pizza. Denver does not have a distinctive pizza style, but you can find thin New York-style crusts or deep-dish pizza to suit your tastes. Homegrown BeauJo's Pizza is famous for its thick crust, which can be eaten with honey in a Colorado twist. Pizza places that offer gluten-free varieties are also noted.

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Benny Blanco's Slice Of The Bronx

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Benny Blanco's in Capitol Hill lives up to its name with ample slices of thin-crust pizza. The hole-in-the-wall establishment offers a counter with no seating, but the delicious slices make up for a lack of ambiance. Slices are available with your choice of a wide variety of toppings for reasonable prices. Benny Blanco's pizza is also available for delivery. The pizza counter, which can be hard to spot for first-timers, is sandwiched between Wax Trax and the Snakepit on 13th Ave.


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Proto's Pizza

Proto's Pizza in the Highlands neighborhood of Denver offers Neapolitan pizza to the Mile High City. The restaurant founded by Pam Proto in features a patio for outdoor dining, as well as a small dining area. The only downsides to Proto's Pizza is its limited wine list and lack of delivery, although pizza is available for take out. Gluten-free pizza is also available.