Top Oklahoma City Gift Card Ideas

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Gift cards are a popular and convenient method of gift-giving, and they're appealing because they're easy to get, extremely flexible and rarely the kind of thing a person wants to "take back." They represent, in many ways, a foolproof present. Here are some of the best options for gift card buying in Oklahoma City. Also consider giving a Keep It Local card, which offers significant discounts at businesses all over the metro.

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Shopping Malls

Penn Square Mall Oklahoma City

Flexibility. That's the key appeal of mall gift cards. If you don't have any specific gift or type of gift in mind, you can simply go with a mall gift card and let the recipients choose for themselves. The options for them to redeem their gift cards are many.

Just a Few Options: Quail Springs Mall, Penn Square Mall, Sooner Mall, OKC Outlets

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Cattlemen's Steakhouse OKC
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What a broad category of opportunities. Depending on taste, you can purchase gift cards for many upper tier restaurants, family establishments and even fast food places. Most people love to go out to eat and don't get enough chances to do so. If they get a gift card, though, odds are they'll make time and have a blast.

Just a Few Options: Cattlemen's, Good Egg Group Eateries, Hal Smith Restaurant Group, Sonic, Braum's

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Movie Theaters

Warren Theatre Moore Oklahoma
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The gift card for a movie theater is an excellent choice for the movie lovers, but it's also a great choice for others as well. A trip to the movie theater is an opportunity for a family to spend time together, a couple to have an enjoyable evening or friends to meet up. Some would suggest experience is a far better gift than anything tangible.

Just a Few Options: Any of the best movie theaters in OKC.

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Performing Arts

Civic Center Music Hall OKC
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Get all the advantages of the above but also add some culture. From theatre to orchestra and ballet, Oklahoma City has a number of performing arts groups and companies, and several offer gift certificates for show tickets.

Just a Few Options: OKC Philharmonic, OKC Broadway, Lyric Theatre

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Cute little boy, playing with toy cars at home
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Obviously, this only applies to a particular class of gift recipients, children and/or childish grown men. But those are the ones who are often receiving the most gifts, especially at the holidays. Pick up a gift card for one of the city's better toy stores, and let the kids pick what they want the most.

Just a Few Options: Toys "R" Us, The Learning Tree, Lakeshore

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Music, Media & Books

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There are several stores around the metro that include all three, and it's a good idea for those "one stop shoppers." Buy a round of gift cards for everyone on your list at a place like those below, and the recipient can then choose between a CD, movie, book, game, etc.

Just a Few Options: Best Buy, Barnes and Noble, Mardel

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lady browsing through a clothes rail of dresses
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Some of the better clothing stores are, of course, inside the metro area malls. But often times, it is better to buy from a specific store when you know for a fact you want to give an item of clothing. Gift cards to clothing stores erase the need for checking sizes and tastes ahead of time and simply let the recipient know the intent and spirit of your gift.

Options: JC Penney, Dillard's, Kohl's, Old Navy

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It's hard to go wrong with a gift card for electronics in today's world. Even if the amount is not nearly enough to buy an item the person wants the most, it can often help bridge the affordability gap. As well, there are many fairly low price electronics options from DVD players to small kitchen appliances.

Just a Few Options: Visit any excellent OKC area electronics store

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Grocery Stores

Small boy with his mother in a super market
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Like some other items on this list, this is a convenience option for a gift. Gift cards for grocery stores are becoming more and more common throughout Oklahoma City. If someone on your gift list always shops at a particular store for their grocery items, this could be a good option.

Just a Few Options: Homeland, Buy For Less, Crest, Whole Foods, Sprouts

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man's hand holding fuel pump and refueling car
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It may not be the most glamorous gift to give, but talk about beneficial and convenient. With the constant need we all have for gas, this is the kind of gift that makes someone smile in relief. Many OKC gas stations, especially the large chains, offer gift card options for gas and other purchases.

Just a Few Options: On Cue, Conoco, Valero, 7-11

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