Top 10 Noodle Shops in SF

 It’s foggy. It’s cold. It’s August, and you’re wearing shorts. Quick! Get thee to a noodle dish! It’s the only thing that will warm your bones. Good news is that San Francisco is full of delicious options for warming up any time of the year. Here’s our map to the best ramen, pho, and plain delicious noodle soups in the city. 

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    The Ramen Bar
    ••• Kevin McCullough

    Neighborhood: Financial District
    101 California St.
    Telephone: 415-684-1570

    Even if you’re gluten intolerant, there is still a ramen option for you in this city. But let’s be real—you’re going for the full-fledged Hakkaido miso broth ramen piled with corn, chashu and a soy-cured egg. The ginger chicken ramen is also a noble choice. But beware that this is ramen on the run. Located in the center of the financial district, it’s a lunchtime hot spot, which means you’re in and out and full of ramen. 

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    Chubby Noodle Dish in San Francisco
    ••• thefattyflies

     Neighborhood: North Beach
    1310 Grant Ave.
    Telephone: 415-296-9600

    Neighborhood: Marina
    2205 Lombard St.
    Telephone: 415-665-3335

    It’s so foggy you can’t even see the top of Coit Tower, it’s time for Chubby Noodle. This hip restaurant serves up all sorts of soul-warming fare from their Chubby Fried Chicken to Korean Pork Tacos (order both). But it's their spicy garlic noodles made with three simple ingredients (egg noodles, garlic, and jalapeños). Slurp them up alongside a shot of their sake labeled “Great Idea, Trust Us” on the menu. It is indeed, a great idea. 

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    Ken Ken Ramen
    ••• Shirley T/ Yelp

    Neighborhood: The Mission
    3378 18th St.
    Telephone: 415-967-2636

    Ken Ken Ramen is about more than just serving you that delicious bowl of warmth. It’s going to transport you. With a ceiling covered in Chinese lanterns and stark concrete walls with reclaimed wood bars, this Mission hotspot feels like an alley halfway between Toyko and Bangkok. And the food is just as good: tantan ramen is a bowl of spicy miso broth with pork and all the fixings topped with fresh green onions and sesame seeds. For warning: there will be a line, but luckily the Mission is one of the less foggy neighborhoods.  

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    Sai Restaurant in San Francisco
    ••• Maita N/Yelp

    Neighborhood: Financial District
    505 Washington St.
    Telephone: 415-362-3689

    Sometimes it’s even foggy on your lunch break. Yes, it’s never-ending. Luckily, Sai’s provides liquid salvation! You’ll be seated and served hot tea at the speed of the new office printer and expected to order almost just as quickly. Luckily, you don’t need a lot of time to debate—go for the chicken pho in all its simple, salty glory. Don’t have a lunch buddy? Not a problem. Sai’s will squeeze you in, but just know that your table might not be yours alone. 

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    Miki Restaurant in San Francisco
    ••• Joy W/Yelp

    Neighborhood: The Richmond
    3936 Balboa St.

    It’s build your own ramen bowl at this tiny hole-in-the-wall. Pick your broth, your meat, and your toppings (including corn, bok choy and pork belly). Start the meal off with small warm, salted edamame and order some warm sake to get the blood flowing. 

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    Dish At Tanpopo San Francisco
    ••• Tatsuhiko Miyagawa/Flickr/CC 2.0

    Neighborhood: Japantown
    1740 Buchanan St.
    Telephone: 415-346-7132 

    This no frills Japantown joint has a ramen menu that goes on for pages. Try the ground pork or indulge in the wonton ramen then bask in some good people watching while sipping a Sapporo beer. 

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    Kin Khao Thai Eatery
    ••• Ann S/Yelp

    Neighborhood: Union Square
    55 Cyrl Magnin
    Telephone: 415-362-7456

     Hard to argue with housemade pad thai. And if they don’t make their shrimp paste twenty feet from where you’re eating it at least they’re sourcing it straight from Thailand (looking at you, shrimp paste) or from California farms. You’re run-of-the-mill T​hai restaurant this is not. Dry-fried pork ribs with a yellow curry paste fall off the bone while mussels and nectarine curry will give a pleasant surprise to your taste buds. But we’re here for the noodles, remember? Kin Khao does pad kee mao right with ground pork, drunken and rice noodles, onions, bell peppers and a healthy dose of holy basil. 

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    Neighborhood: Inner Sunset
    1500 Irving St.

    Everyone loves Izakaya Sozai. It’s been written about by nearly every major news outlet in San Francisco as well as those hailing from Tokyo. (that’s when you know it’s really good). Come for a bowl Tonkastu ramen brimming with noodles, scallions and healthy chunks of seaweed in a silky broth that will warm your soul. 

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    ••• Jeremy G. via Yelp

    Neighborhood: Japantown
    1638 Post St.
    Telephone: 415-292-3388

    Seek shelter on fog-riddled Post Street for a hot, salty bowl of tonkusku ramen. This restaurant hits all the right notes: dark bamboo paneling contrasts with mustard yellow paint with string lights hanging above and intimate two-seat tables throughout. If it sounds romantic that’s because it is. Feel free to snuggle up and indulge—it is cold out there.  

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    Neighborhood: The Sunset
    1816 Irving St.
    Telephone: 415-661-8869

    It’s a long name that you won’t be able to read it from the outside, but you’ll know is the place by the crowds slurping up noodles inside. Come hungry and order the curry chicken noodle soup, which comes in a coconut milk broth spiced with green curry seasonings and thick, long noodles.