Top Mudder's Day Spa Resort Destinations for Couples

Calistoga, California in Napa County is known for its vineyards and wineries, laid-back charm and... mud. Warm, gooey, mineral-rich mud. Several of its spa resorts welcome guests to partially submerse themselves in the organic substance comprised of volcanic ash, spring water, peat and a variety of minerals.

Heated by the area's hot springs, the mud is typically in the 100-104 degree range. And you won't sink to the bottom if you descend into a mud-filled tub; the peat will help you to stay buoyant. Contrary to what else you might think, mud baths actually can help you get clean by drawing out dirt and oil from the skin (as long as you shower afterwards!). Believers also credit them for easing pain in the joints and muscles. 

Note: Be sure to be well-hydrated before you step into a mud bath. Also, they have a distinctive sulphuric odor that not everyone tolerates.