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The Midtown area of Oklahoma City is a vibrant district with a number of interesting things to do, one of which is to enjoy the fantastic restaurants. From fine dining to casual meals and patio dining, here are some of the best Midtown restaurants, a list with review, features and contact information for each. 

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Courtesy of Stella
1201 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3722, USA
Phone +1 405-235-2200

Stella bills its cuisine as "Modern Italian." The small, upscale eatery has a number of excellent and unique Italian dishes.
- Address: 1201 N. Walker
- Phone: (405) 235-2200

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Cafe do Brasil

440 NW 11th St #100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-525-9779

One of the best restaurants unique to OKC, so it deserves a high spot here. Wonderful for patio dining, Cafe do Brasil features unique and terrific Brazilian specialties, live music, exotic drinks and a fun atmosphere.
- Address: 440 NW 11th St., Suite 100
- Phone: (405) 525-9779

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320 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-778-6800

Specializing in fresh ingredients from local farmers and ranchers, the "farm to table" idea, Ludivine is an upscale, urban eatery with an eclectic menu of unique choices, an extensive wine and drink list, and an intimate atmosphere perfect for a romantic or otherwise special occasion.
- Address: 320 NW 10th St
- Phone: (405) 778–6800

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1207 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3722, USA
Phone +1 405-236-1492

With Mexican and Latin dishes in a modern atmosphere, 1492 is an excellent dining choice in Midtown. The main dining area is contemporary elegance while the bar area, with its flat screen televisions, is a bit more casual. But either place, you'll enjoy several intriguing options outside of the typical "Tex-Mex" fare.
- Address: 1207 N. Walker
- Phone: (405) 236-1492

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Waffle Champion

Waffle Champion
Courtesy of Waffle Champion
1212 N Walker Ave #100, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-525-9235

Don't miss this one for breakfast. Heck, go any time. Serving handmade waffle sandwiches with just about any ingredient imaginable, Waffle Champion is perfect for any meal and is open until midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.

- Address: 1212 N. Walker
- Phone: (405) 525-9235

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Packard's New American Kitchen

201 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3924, USA
Phone +1 405-605-3771

Located in a Packard Automobile showroom built in the 1920's, Packard's is a must-visit. The large rooftop patio offers a great view, and the menu features excellent, fresh choices of steak, ribs, fish, breads, vegetables and more.

- Address: 201 NW 10th Street
- Phone: (405) 605-3771

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Fassler Hall

421 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-609-3300

Fassler Hall is a beer garden, but it's much more as well. Enjoy a huge selection of draft and bottled beer choices and a menu with German specialties in a unique atmosphere.

- Address: 421 NW 10th Street
- Phone: (405) 609-3300

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The R&J Lounge and Supper Club

320 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3908, USA
Phone +1 405-602-5066

From the guys behind another Midtown restaurant, Ludivine, R&J is a 50's style lounge known for the extensive list of unique cocktails, but the food is no slouch either. There's an eclectic menu that includes Beef Stroganoff, Cheesy Crab Toast, Grilled Pimento BLT with house cured bacon, and more.

- Address: 320 NW 10th Street
- Phone: (405) 602-5066

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James E. McNellie's Public House

1100 Classen Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-601-7468

Right on the corner of Plaza Court in Midtown, McNellie's is a perfect after-work pub, one of the best in the city. Sample the large beer selection and tasty pub favorites in a casual atmosphere.
- Address: 1100 Classen Drive
- Phone: (405) 601-7468

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Hall's Pizza Kitchen

Hall's Pizza
Courtesy of Hall's Pizza
1004 N Hudson Ave STE 106, Oklahoma City, OK 73105, USA
Phone +1 405-600-1991

You may remember enjoying the popular food truck. Well, now there's a brick and mortar location at 9th and Hudson, and it's a great dining experience with some of the best pizza you'll find in the metro. Enjoy by the slice or a whole pie, and add a delicious cookie and a local beer.

- Address: 1004 N Hudson, Suite 106
- Phone: (405) 600-1991

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Bleu Garten

301 NW 10th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA

Not really a restaurant but still worthy of inclusion here, Bleu Garten, located at the corner of NW 10th and Harvey, is a food truck park with outdoor, shaded seating, a bar and live music. Note that it's closed during the winter months of December through February.

- Address: 301 NW 10th Street

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Louie's Midtown

1215 N Walker Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103-3722, USA
Phone +1 405-230-1200

There are several Louie's locations across the metro, so it's not exactly unique to the Midtown area. Nevertheless, it merits mention as a bar and grill option. There are plenty of televisions to watch sporting events, the bar offers a large selection and food choices include burgers, sandwiches and pizza.
- Address: 1215 N. Walker
- Phone: (405) 230-1200

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The Garage

The Garage Burgers
Courtesy of The Garage Burgers
1117 N Robinson Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73103, USA
Phone +1 405-602-6880

There are several other Garage burger locations around the metro, but this one might be the best, in part because of the wonderful patio area.

- Address: 1117 N. Robinson
- Phone: (405) 602-6880

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The Best Restaurants in Midtown Oklahoma City