The 10 Best Restaurants to Try In Martinique

Martinique is not just a great beach vacation—its cuisine also has a lot to offer. Martinican food is a true reflection of the blend of cultures that make up the island nations, and their restaurants prove it. An abundance of eateries to choose from during your trip will show the diversity of the food scene from traditional home-style to luxury fine dining. There is something for every traveler to enjoy around the island and here are a few choices to add to your itinerary when you plan your next trip to the French West Indies.

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Best for Fine Dining: Le Zandoli

Dining room of Le Zandoli

Courtesy of La Suite Villa

Route du Fort d'Alet, Les Trois Ilets 97229, Martinique
Phone +596 596 59 88 00

Martinique has various local restaurants for tourists to choose from, but the hotel restaurants also offer some of the island's best culinary experiences. Inside the luxury La Suite Villa hotel is Le Zandoli, a luxury dining experience with a spectacular view. Once seated, patrons can admire the extensive art collection alongside their gourmet dishes. It is excellent for a romantic dinner or ends your vacation on a high note.

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Best for a Cheap Lunch: Mama's Snack

marché couvert, Rue Blenac, Fort-de-France 97200, Martinique

Inside the spice market in the capital city of Fort-de-France, there are different food stalls for visitors to grab a quick eats. One of the best ones for a traditional lunch is Mama's Snack. The only thing better than delicious food is cheap prices. A full lunch will cost less than 20 euros. You can't leave without trying her famous cod fritters, also known as accras.

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Best for a Gastronomic Experience: Restaurant 1643

Dining room of restaurant 1643

Courtesy of Restaurant 1643

Anse Latouche, Le Carbet 97221, Martinique
Phone +596 596 78 17 81

For true gastronomy lovers who enjoy extravagant meals, Restaurant 1643 should be reserved for an unforgettable night of dinner during your stay. The menu is a food lover's dream with masterful dishes crafted by their top chefs just off the road for a peaceful atmosphere. The establishment's name references the year the Habitation Anse Latouche, where the property is located and serves with the Hotel de l'Anse, was founded.

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Best for Seafood: Ti Sable

A seafood dish from Ti Sable

Courtesy of Ti Sable

35 Allée des Raisiniers, Les Anses-d'Arlet 97217, Martinique
Phone +596 596 68 62 44

There are many beachfront restaurants around the island, but Ti Sable stands out among the rest as one of the best seafood spots on the island. Grilled lobster, freshly cooked prawns, and red snapper in the creole sauce are just some of the delicious samples from the menu. The restaurant offers the best of both worlds, being steps away from the beach alongside their extensive and savory food options.

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Best for Homestyle Cooking: Le Barracuda

People sitting outdoors at tables at Le Barracuda

Courtesy of Le Barracuda

37-57 Rue des Bougainvillees, Les Trois-Îlets 97229, Martinique
Phone +596 596 66 07 88

Sometimes you don't need all the fine touches of a high-end restaurant and want to see what real home-style cooking of the island tastes like. Le Barracuda in Le Trios-Îlets offers its patrons just that. The beachside restaurant offers hefty portions at affordable prices for a traditional lunch or dinner option for travelers. You can expect to see the diversity of the local cuisine like their popular boudin appetizers.

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Best for French Cuisine: Case Coco

Entrance to Case Coco

Courtesy of Case Coco

97228, 58 Rue Victor Schoelcher, Sainte-Luce 97228, Martinique
Phone +596 596 62 32 26

While Caribbean food serves as the foundation of the local food scene, French cuisine is also prevalent around the island. At Case Coco, French dishes are served in a unique twist. Located inside a renovated Creole house, this restaurant is known for giving French meals with a tropical twist making it one of the more unique dining experiences. It is also a great option to just sit and enjoy one of their premier cocktails at the bar.

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Best for Dessert: Chez Tante Arlette

Tarts from Tante Arlette

Courtesy of Tante Arlette

3 Rue de Lucy de Fossarieu, Grand'Rivière 97218, Martinique
Phone +596 596 55 75 75

Chez Tante Arlette is home to savory Creole cuisine that patrons can enjoy for lunch or dinner. The only thing better than the entrees are the desserts. The menu offers traditional desserts that are staples in Martinican dessert. One of the best options is the blanc manger au coco, a popular choice of sweet custard dessert around the island.

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Best for Barbecue: Pam Snack

BBQ from Pam Snack

Courtesy of Pam Snack

While the island has a variety of restaurants to choose from, some of the best food is found on the streets served by local vendor stands. If you are looking for some quality barbecue after taking a swim on the beach, you will probably enjoy Pam Snack on Le Diamant Beach. Her poulet boucane is the best on the island, alongside her traditional take-out dishes on the popular beach.

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Best for Ambiance and Cocktails: Le Kano

31 Rue des Bougainvillees Trois Ilets (Les, Les Trois-Îlets 97229, Martinique
Phone +596 596 78 40 33

Le Kano offers the best of both worlds—ambiance and great food—and cocktail menu. Situated just steps away from the beach in Pointe Du Bout, Le Kano is a restaurant and lounge to hang out over drinks and enjoy a savory meal. Expect to pay a cover charge after a certain time, and they also offer bottle service for those looking to party after dinner is done.

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Best for Creole Cuisine: Zanzibar

A dish from Zanzibar

Courtesy of Zanzibar

Bord de mer - Plage du Mer -, 11 Boulevard Allegre, Le Marin 97290, Martinique
Phone +596 596 74 08 46

Creole cuisine is a cornerstone of the Martinican food scene. For a restaurant that serves the best in creole food with a great bar selection, Zanzibar should be on your list of culinary spots to dine during your vacation. Be sure to make reservations in advance as the popular eatery can get crowded at night.

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The 10 Best Restaurants to Try In Martinique