Top Maps of Spain and Portugal - Michelin Road Maps of Spain and Portugal

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If you're going to Spain or Portugal, a good map is quite valuable. I've used Michelin maps for years, and I haven't gotten too lost yet. Here are some of the most popular Michelin maps of Spain and Portugal--some of the whole country, some more detailed maps of sections or regions of France. If you're going to do much driving off the main roads, the detailed maps are essential.
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    Michelin Spain & Portugal Folded Map

    A good overall map covering both Spain and Portugal, useful for trip planning and driving on the main highways.
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    Michelin Castilla Y Leon Madrid Map Spain

    A map for Madrid and the region that surounds it, the Castilla Y Leon.
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    Rough Guide Northern Spain Map

    Map with the main and secondary roads for the northern regions of Spain.
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    Michelin Spain Central Map

    Map for the central regions of Spain, including Madrid, Castilla-LA Mancha, and Extremadura, including the main and secondary roads.
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    Portugal Travel Reference Map

    From International Travel Maps, shows settlements from large cities to villages; roads (with distances in kilometers) from 4-lane highways to tracks and trails; railways (including underpasses, flyovers, and other rail features); airports; ferries; places of interest; museums; thermal baths; campsites and state-owned inns.
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    Michelin Costa Brava Zoom Map

    Detailed map of the Costa Brava area of Spain.
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    Michelin Portugal Map

    Motorist and touring map of Portugal.
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    Michelin Environs De Madrid Zoom Map

    Map of the city of Madrid, Spain, and the surrounding area.
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    Michelin Barcelona Street Map

    Detailed street map of the city of Barcelona, Spain.