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Compiling such a list is difficult, because entertainment preferences vary between people. What I've tried to do with this list is put together a nice mix of attractions that appeal to everyone. A few of the attractions, such as the beach and Friendship Fountain, are so embedded in Jacksonville's culture and mystique that they're impossible to ignore. Several of them, of course, revolve around the great St. John's River, the waterway that keeps life flowing through Jacksonville.

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    Jacksonville Beach, Florida
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    A "Top 10" list for Jacksonville isn't complete without at least a passing reference to one of the city's most well-known attractions: the beach. Jacksonville's public beaches span approximately 20 miles across the Atlatnic coast and are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Jacksonville Beach is well known for its 1,000 foot fishing pier.

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    winged victory jacksonville
    ••• "Winged Victory" in Jacksonville's Memorial Park. Courtesy of Visit Jacksonville

    The reasons for visiting Jacksonville's historic Riverside-Avondale district are plenty. For starters, it's one of the most well-preserved historic neighborhoods in the United States, with over 5,000 historic buildings. Riverside-Avondale was named one of the top ten neighborhoods in the U.S. by the American Planning Association. The Financial Times called it "the closest thing you'll find to Greenwich Village in Florida."

    Riverside has a number of attractions, including the weekly Riverside Arts Market and the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. Five Points, a section of Riverside, is known for its eclectic shopping and vibrant art culture.

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    Museum of Contemporary Art Jacksonville.
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    The Museum of Contemporary Art -- known as MOCA -- is one of the largest contemporary art galleries in the Southeast United States. It's across the street from the historic Hemming Plaza in downtown Jacksonville, the city's first park. MOCA is adjacent to the downtown Jacksonville library in the former Western Telegraph Co. building. It opened in 2003 in partnership with UNF.

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    Museum of Science and History
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    The Museum of Science and History (MOSH) -- formerly known as the Jacksonville Children's Museum -- has seven permanent exhibitis, a new, state-of-the-art planetarium, and a specialty rotating exhibit. Past exhibits include Dinosaurs and Ice Age Mammals and Dinosaurs of the Deep -- both of which featured elaborate animatronics. MOSH is a must visit in Jacksonville, particularly if you have children.

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    Friendship Fountain
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    Many first dates and kisses have taken place over the years in front of Friendship Fountain. Some local residents believe the fountain has special powers. Whether it does it not is certainly up for debate, but there's no denying the fountain's beauty. Friendship Fountain was constructed in 1941. At the time, it was the world's largest fountain. A 2011 renovation brought a handful of improvements to the fountain and surrounding area, which should preserve it for decades to come.

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    Jacksonville Landing on riverbank - Jacksonville, Florida
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    What would Jacksonville be without the St. John's River? One could easily argue it's the lifeline of Jacksonville. The Jacksonville Landing is a great place to walk alongside its waters, catch a boat ride, have dinner, and even do some shopping. The Landing is also a popular hangout following Jaguars games and features 300 to 400 special events each year.

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    Downtown Art Walk

    Jacksonville downtown art walk
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    Jacksonville's downtown art walk takes place the first Wednesday of each month over a 15 block radius, between 5 and 9 p.m., rain or shine. Despite only being in existence for a few short years, Art Walk has quickly turned into one of Jacksonville's finest attractions. It features 30 or so galleries, live music, food, and drink, and work from local artists.

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    Fort Caroline National Memorial
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    Fort Caroline National Memorial is part of the Timucuan Ecological and Historical Reserve, administered by the National Park Service. Fort Caroline was the first French colony in the United States, established in 1564. The memorial details nearly 6,000 years of human history, and is a must see for Jacksonville residents and visitors, particularly history buffs. The Timucuan Reserve also includes the Kingsley Plantation, a well-preserved early 19th-century plantation.

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    Close-up of giraffe looking at camera
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    Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens features over 2,000 animals over 110 acres. It's also home to seasonal and other specialty events. The city zoo's roots can be traced back to the early 1910s, when it was originally located in Springfield, Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens is in Jacksonville's Northside.

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    EverBank Field

    EverBank Field
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    EverBank Field, formerly known as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium and Alltel Stadium, is the permanent home of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team plays 10 home games in the stadium each NFL season. The Jaguars headquarters is also inside the stadium. EverBank is also the site of the widely popular annual Florida-Georgia game and a few other annual events, such as concerts and outdoor sporting events. s and outdoor sporting events. It's full capacity is approximately 73,000. Unlike many other NFL stadiums, which are located outside of town, Jacksonville's is in the heart of downtown.