Top Instructional DVDs for Golfers

There are hundreds of different titles available to golfers searching for instructional DVDs (or, going back a ways to older VHS tapes). Which ones are the best? Based on input from multiple instructors and our own opinions, below are titles we recommend. If you prefer reading to watching golf instruction, then you should also check out the best classic golf instruction books and best modern golf instruction books.

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    This series of tapes, based on the Golden Bear's famous instructional book of the same name, was selected in a Golf Magazine poll of Top 100 instructors as the best golf instructional video of all-time. Hey, who are we to argue? It's a multi-volume series. If you can't find the full set, the volumes on "Hitting the Shots" and "Playing the Game" are considered the best.

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    This 2-disc DVD set includes anecdotes from Hall of Famer Tom Watson and a tribute to his late caddie Bruce Edwards, but it's Watson's advice on playing golf that you'll want to watch. At nearly three hours in runtime, and with exceptional production values, this set covers everything from grip and set-up, full-swing, and short-game to faults and fixes. Read the review

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    This is a 2-DVD set with more than four hours of instruction from the teacher who, from the mid-1990s to the present day, has most often been considered No. 1 in the game. Divided into 10 sections covering different parts of the game, from fundamentals and faults & fixes to sand play to putting, to specialty shots and more.

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    This 80-minute video breaks down the golf swing into eight steps. Think of each step as a point to stop and check your swing - is your swing in the right position at each checkpoint? Although this is one DVD, it's best treated as eight 10-minute segments: Master Step 1, then advances the tape to Step 2, and so on.

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    What the title means by "3-Club Tour" is that Haney focuses on three clubs: the driver, the wedge, and the putter. Focus on improving with these three clubs is the fastest way to lower one's score, and Haney covers many different topics and tricks related to each.

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    This 3-volume DVD set can be purchased individually or as a group. The three titles in the series are More Power, More Consistency, and More Up & Downs. As you can probably guess from the title, instructors featured in each DVD are those who rank (or did rank at the time of taping) on Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers in America list.

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    Instructor Jim McLean focuses on faults and fixes - on instructional drills - in this 2-disc DVD set. One disc focuses on the full swing, the other on the short game. You can sometimes find the discs sold separately, but we recommend buying the set. These are McLean's favorite drills for identifying problems and fixing them.

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    This is a 5-volume DVD series, four discs of which are golf instruction, with the fifth disc being interactive software. The software, if you choose to use it, analyzes your swing and then recommends specific drills included in the other four discs. Even without the software, it's a good collection of Leadbetter training.

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    The previous entries on this list are general, all-around instructional titles, or focus on drills, on finding and fixing specific issues. Or both! But we'd be remiss not to include at least one title here on the short game. Mickelson is one of the modern short-game wizards, and he shows you all his tips and tricks here for improving around the green.

    Not surprisingly, this title also is featured on our list of the best short game videos and DVDs.

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    In the 1930s, Bobby Jones created the first golf instructional tapes. They were short films that were shown in theaters. They had been long neglected when The Golf Channel began late-night airings, and now they are being rediscovered by golfers of all skill levels. Sure, golf teaching has advanced quite a ways since the 1930s, but you can't go wrong learning from Bobby Jones. Originally issued as VHS tapes and now available in a DVD set.

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    The video version of Penick's "Little Red Book" features his longtime pupils, Ben Crenshaw and Tom Kite, demonstrating the simple, straightforward tips found in the book. This another title that was originally issued on VHS and has not yet been re-issued on DVD.

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    This multi-volume set of VHS tapes came out in the late 1980s and features the King going over fundamentals, the "scoring zone" (short game) and the right way to practice. Unfortunately, it has not yet been re-issued in DVD format.