Top 11 Instructional Books for Women Golfers

What are the best golf instructional books written for women golfers? Here is a list of recommended titles - instructional tomes written specifically to help women improve their golf games, or get into the game.

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    Author Cindy Reid is one of the top handful of female golf instructors, and her book runs the gamut from beginners to scratch golfers. From the book jacket: "She understands, for example, that women learn the game in a completely different way from men - their concerns stretch way beyond correct mechanics - and her guide is filled with positive and easily implemented advice, perfect if you're a beginner, if you can play a bit, or if you're scratch."

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    Written by Christina Ricci, who is a player, not an instructor (and not the famous actress), but serves as a very good guide in this excellent book that focuses on the basics. Very well-illustrated and clearly explained, also includes information - in addition to instructional basics - about stretching, pre-shot routines, club selection, mental golf, and rules and etiquette.

    A second edition, labeled Series 2 (buy on Amazon) and with a yellow cover (as opposed to the pink of the original) has since been published. It focuses on more advanced instruction.

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    Debbie Steinbach, a k a Venus, played the LPGA Tour for years and is now a top instructor. She's also contributed to; in our Golf Tips section, you can read her article on the proper golf stance for women. Venus' book pays particular attention to the physical differences in men and women that sometimes require women to take a slightly different approach.

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    This book is by Judy Rankin, a Hall of Fame player on the LPGA Tour who is now known to a younger generation of fans for her work as a television golf announcer. Her book is a slim how-to guide chock full of photos and drawings to help readers better understand the instruction.

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    One of two books by instructor Kellie Stenzel on this list, this one is, as you might have gathered, geared to beginners. In fact, it is written with the assumption that the reader is learning about golf for the very first time.

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    Author and golf instructor Jane Horn got tired of hearing about women golfers who received poor teaching from men or had been made to feel unwelcome at golf courses. And she's been doing something about it ever since. In this book, she details 25 different lessons designed specifically for women, many of which focus on adding strength and distance to your game.

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    The Golf Handbook for Women covers every type of shot, from driving to irons, from chipping and pitching to sand shots and putting. It also offers tips on choosing the right equipment and includes profiles of famous women golfers.

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    Subtitled How to Hit Longer & Straighter from Tee to Green, this book by Jane Horn focuses on helping women golfers add distance to their shots off the tee and up the fairway. Consider this a secondary book to advance to once you've progressed through the fundamentals.

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    The second book by Kellie Stenzel on this list. "Written for the golfer who is ready to add strategy to her game," the book jacket says. This one focuses on course management, making the right choices at the right times, and managing the mental game.

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    Subtitled An Essential Guide for New Women Golfers, this book is only 80 pages long but packs in a lot of information designed to help women new to the game feel less intimidated and more sure of themselves on the course. This book isn't about swing instruction, but about all the little issues of etiquette and rules and on-course traditions and behaviors that newbies are often unfamiliar with.

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    One of the older books on this list, it was originally published in 1990. Subtitled Easy-to-follow Instruction from Pro Golf's Leading Tournament Winner, this book is by Kathy Whitworth, the all-time leading winner on the LPGA Tour (88 victories). She was also a longtime student of Harvey Penick. The book includes a forward by LPGA founder Patty Berg, and Whitworth intersperses many memories of her days on tour into the instruction.