Top Industries For Career Building in Los Angeles

The Fastest Growing, Most Promising Job Sectors in LA

Most Promising Job Sectors in Los Angeles
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When it comes to the job market, things may be looking up for Angelenos--perhaps not as quickly as we'd all like, but still at a steady upward pace.

In early 2012, an annual economic forecast posted in the LA Times predicted the addition of 22,700 jobs as early as 2013. Los Angeles County, it would seem, has been exponentially creating more jobs since 2006.

But beyond city-sanctioned careers, there is a host of other job sectors in LA poised to rise--or already rising. Below, is some insight into the most promising or fastest growing industries in Los Angeles. Perhaps this list will help direct your job hunt or change of career or inspire you to start your own business.

Green Sector

When the eco-revolution hit the mainstream in the last decade, everyone knew green was good. But how good remained to be seen by the numbers. Today, green industries are leading the pack in California and Los Angeles. Hot markets through which job growth would likely flourish are solar manufacturing and sales, and sustainable construction. In the latter, there could be a need for electricians and machinery mechanics.

The Fitness Industry

Consumers have become more vigilant in the last decade. The revelation that many products on the market today have some pretty toxic ingredients and long-term effects has certainly helped fuel this. It may also be part of the reason that people are more concerned than ever with health and fitness these days. In LA, it may comeĀ as no surprise that yoga and pilates studios are particularly benefiting from this trend.

Specialized Markets

Foodism is on the rise. And any good foodie knows their radicchio from their fennel and beyond that their raita from their kim chi. That need has given way to an increase in specialty ethnic foods markets. According to the LA Times, such niche food shops will see a growth in revenue of $1.3 billion by 2017.


In recent years, LA has experienced a surge in international visitors. Tourist spending has also increased. This means the potential for more jobs in related sectors; for instance with tour operators.

Leisure and Hospitality

Recently, it was reported that LA's leisure and hospitality sector showed job growth of 2.8 percent (triple that of the national industry average).

Clothing and Apparel Manufacturing

The LA area is now one of the top apparel manufacturing regions in the country. E-commerce is a particularly vibrant sub-strata of the industry. Positions related to social media and in the account executive arena are increasingly opening up.

Tech Startups

The idea that technology companies could be leading the pack in the economy is nothing new. What is new, according to a recent article in Forbes, is that LA (not Silicon Valley) has all the right stuff to make it a hub for booming tech start-ups. According to one expert, it is our entertainment industry, outdoor community, and diversity that gives us the edge. But beyond the usual cattle calls for run-of-the-mill tech talent, apparently, tech talent with entrepreneurial vision is the magic combination sought by investors.

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