Top Hotels in Popular Italian Destinations

Where to Stay in Italy

Choose where to stay in Italy with these top-rated hotels and lodging in Italy's cities and popular destinations.

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Where to Stay in Rome

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Rome is Italy's most popular city for visitors. Here's our selection of best-rated hotels and lodging in Rome. You'll find top-rated historic center hotels, budget accommodations, luxury hotels, bed and breakfast inns, hotels near the Vatican, and places to stay near Termini train station, the airport, or cruise terminal.

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Florence Top Rated Hotels

Florence, a Renaissance city in the heart of Tuscany, is one of Italy's most popular travel destinations. On this list you'll find top-rated hotels, from 1 to five stars, in Florence's historic center.

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Where to Stay in Venice

Venice, a unique city built on the water, is one of Italy's most romantic and popular destinations. In this list you'll find the best-rated hotels in Venice, ranging from one-star hotels to five-star luxury as well as romantic hotels and bed and breakfast inns. See our Venice sestiere map to help you understand where these hotels are located and find out more about the neighborhoods.

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Milan Top Rated Hotels

Milan has one of Italy's major international airports so it's often the first or last city to be visited on a vacation in Italy. Here are the best places to stay in Milan's historic center.

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Naples Top Rated Hotels

Naples, the largest city in southern Italy, is a lively and vibrant city with an interesting historic center and a wealth of good day trips. Here you'll find the best places to stay in the historic center of Naples. If you plan to take many day trips, though, you may find it more convenient to stay near the train station, although this area is not as nice. See best-rated hotels near Naples train station.

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Amalfi Coast Top Rated Hotels

The Amalfi Coast, with some of Italy's most scenic coastline, is a popular vacation destination in southern Italy with many charming and romantic hotels. Hotels fill up, especially in summer, so it's a good idea to book ahead. If you want to visit Bay of Naples sites but don't want to stay in Naples, Sorrento makes a good alternative to staying in the city.

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Lake Como Top Rated Hotels

Lake Como is Italy's most popular lake and a top romantic destination. With fairly temperate weather, Lake Como can be visited any time of year. See our Lake Como map to find town locations.

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Where to Stay in Tuscany

The hill towns, cities, wineries, and countryside of Tuscany make it one of Italy's favorite regions for visitors. In this guide you'll find top-rated hotels in Tuscany's most popular towns and agriturismo lodging.

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Agriturismo or Farm Accommodations

Staying in an agriturismo or farm house can be a unique experience. Italy has many agriturismo choices, from rustic to luxurious, offering bed and breakfast or self-catering apartments. Here are top-rated agriturismo accommodations in Italy.

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Unusual Accommodations

If you're looking for something a little more unique for your vacation, check these suggestions for unusual accommodations. You'll find lodging in castles, caves, unique stone houses and country houses, and even a chocolate hotel.

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