Top 6 Hong Kong Beaches

Sai Kung Beach in Hong Kong
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Not many people associate Hong Kong with world-beating beaches; however, with over 200 islands, the territory is blessed with a host of outstanding beaches.

When visiting Hong Kong beaches, remember that the city is hot, and it’s best to be prepared. Wear high factor sunblock before laying in the sun. Also, Hong Kong beaches are strictly non-nudist across the board. You’re likely to find yourself ensnared by the law if you peel off your clothes.

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    Stanley Beach in Hong Kong

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    Stanley is a village on the south of Hong Kong Island. The village is well developed, with a host of western-style bars and restaurants lining the waterfront. The village also has two beaches: Stanley Main Beach and St. Stephen’s beach.

    Water Quality: Good, 3/5. Stanley Main Beach is reasonably clean. Although some rubbish is evident in the water, it's acceptable to most.

    Facilities: Excellent. Stanley is the epitome of a seaside town. You'll  find lifeguards and shark nets at the beach, both Chinese food and Western bars and restaurants in abundance nearby, a very decent market, and a number of tourist attractions.

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    Quiet Lo So Shing Beach and rocky coastline at the Lamma Island in Hong Kong, China
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    While it may take little leg work to get here, this secluded spot on Lamma Island boasts crystal clear water and a beautiful strip of sand.

    Water Quality: Excellent, 5/5. Aside from uninhabited islands, Lo So Shing is it the cleanest beach in Hong Kong. If you want to baptize your swimming trunks, this is the place to come.

    Facilities: About a 60-minute hike from Yung Shue Wan on Lamma Island, Lo So Shing's location is one of its greatest attractions; however, its seclusion does mean there is little opportunity for donkey rides or sipping cocktails on the seafront. You’ll find lifeguards, shark nets, and changing rooms but little else.

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    Quiet Silvermine Bay Beach in Mui Wo town on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, China.
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    Out on Lantau Island, Silvermine Bay is a relaxed beach next to Lantau's unofficial capital, Mui Wo. Lantau is much more chilled out than Hong Kong Island, and it's a great option if you have kids. Also on Lantau is the Ngong Ping Cable Car and the jaw dropping Tian Tan Big Buddha. To get there, take Ferry from Central Pier to Lantau Island.

    Water Quality: Excellent, 5/5. Clear of Hong Kong Island, Lantaus's beaches are some of the cleanest in Hong Kong.

    Facilities: Good, with a decent selection of western-style eateries and bars. Lifeguards and shark nets are in place. One drawback is the infrequency of the ferry in the evening, especially on weekends.

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    Shek O is a beautiful beach set on the south of Hong Kong Island, popular with suits on retreat from the city. To reach it, take the No 9 Minibus from Shau Kei Wan MTR station.

    Water Quality: Good, 4/5. Shek O's water quality makes it worth the extra effort to reach. Around the corner, Big Wave Bay also has excellent water quality, and it has the best surfing in Hong Kong.

    Facilities: Very good. This fantastic seaside village has a wide selection of quaint restaurants that offer great al fresco seating. Changing rooms, lifeguards, and shark nets are all also in place.

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    Probably Hong Kong's most-visited beach, Deep Water Bay's popularity can be attributed to its proximity to Central rather than the quality of the beach. It's a simple trip by Bus 6 or 6X from Central.

    Water Quality: Poor, 2/5. Because of its closeness to Central Hong Kong, the water around Deepwater Bay is extremely poor. Although many locals still swim in the water, you may decide not to.

    Facilities: Excellent. Two restaurants serve the beach, as well as a host of snack stalls. Lifeguards are on patrol most of the year, changing rooms are available, and the bay is covered by shark nets. The beach is packed on weekends.

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    Paragliding in Long Ke Wan, Hong Kong
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    A great day-tripper's option, Sai Kung takes a little more effort to reach as it is in the eastern part of the New Territories. You'll want to to take the Bus number 92 from Diamond Hill MTR in Kowloon.

    Water Quality: Good, 4/5. Sai Kung is a good distance from Hong Kong Island, and this helps keep its water very clean.

    Facilities: Excellent. Plenty of dining and drinking available including some tasty gourmet restaurants. Sai Kung is a great option for those interested in watersports, including kayaking and windsurfing, and just up the road is the Sai Kung sail club.