The Best Honeymoon Movies Ever Made

You can learn a lot at the movies. Although every honeymoon, like every couple, is different, you'd be surprised by the insights you can get (not to mention the amusement) in watching how others' romantic vacations begin and ultimately turn out. The following honeymoon-themed films are must-see movies for any couple considering taking the plunge.

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    Honeymoon in Vegas (1990)

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    Before Sarah Jessica Parker became the star of "Sex in the City," she played the long-suffering fiancee of Nicholas Cage... until he lost her in a poker game to James Caan right before their Vegas wedding. Funny, heart-breaking, and with irresistible Elvis Presley music, this is highly recommended. And the Hawaiian scenery may just inspire you to start planning to have your own honeymoon on the USA's 50th state.

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    The Honeymooners Classic 39, Volume 1

    Although they never strayed far from Canarsie, Honeymooners Alice (Audrey Meadows) and Ralph Kramden (Jackie Gleason) proved through 39 episodes that you can live on love...and a bus driver's salary. And no one ever took his, "to the moon, Alice" seriously. Their friends and upstairs neighbors Ed Norton (Art Carney) and Trixie Norton (Joyce Randolph) offered a more traditional (but not nearly as comical) view of marriage.This DVD features the Premiere episode, "TV or Not TV," along with "Honeymooners Highlights" from the entire "Classic 39" series.

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    The Heartbreak Kid (2007)

    Remade in 2007 by the gross-out Farrelly brothers with Ben Stiller as the groom, Malin Akerman as the bride and Michelle Monaghan as the object of desire, critics found this version cruel, obnoxious, and worst of all, unfunny. For a better viewing experience, watch a copy of the 1972 original instead: On the third day of nebbishy Lenny's (Charles Grodin) honeymoon, he's bedazzled by a WASP goddess played by Cybill Shepherd. Will he leave his new bride (Jeannie Berlin) with egg on her face? You'll have to watch to find out. This merciless but mirthful movie was directed by Berlin's mother, Elaine May.

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    Just Married (2003)

    Although the script is awful, actors Brittany Murphy and Ashton Kutcher are charming in this everything-has-to-go-wrong-on-our-honeymoon romp. Romantic Italy (Venice in particular) provides the backdrop for several scenes.

    Note: The beautiful and talented Murphy died in 2009.

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    Anatomy of a Psycho/Hatchet for the Honeymoon (2001)

    Do you and your honey like to watch horror and thriller movies? Grab your sweetie close to watch this spine-tingling double feature.

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    Honeymoon (2015)

    Thinking of honeymooning in a remote cottage by a lake, with no one around to interrupt you? You may think again after this fright fest. Rated R.

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    Once Upon a Honeymoon (1942)

    This is one of those feed-good screwball comedies starring Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant and set against the backdrop of WWII. The plot as relayed by Amazon: "An American burlesque girl intent on social climbing unknowingly marries a Nazi in the guise of an Austrian Baron. When an American radio reporter tracks the couple down to investigate, she inadvertently falls in love with the reporter instead."