50 Top Honeymoon Destinations Worldwide

See the 50 Best Honeymoon Spots for a Vacation Worldwide

USA, Hawaii, Oahu, Waves breaking on shore near Makapuu Lighthouse
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What are the top honeymoon spots worldwide? According to a travel agent poll, these were the destinations agents named as best for honeymoon couples. They appear in order of popularity.

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1 Hawaii
The weather, the beaches, the islands — all so different! — and top-notch resorts all make this part of the U.S. in the Pacific Ocean perennially the top spot for honeymoon couples.

2 Italy
If romance didn't begin here (remember Romeo and Juliet?), it certainly flourishes in Venice, Florence, Rome and other cities where history, culture, cuisine and la dolce vita seduce.

3 Tahiti
Gorgeous weather, the bluest water, overwater bungalows and the let's-get-away-from-it-all-spirit are divine.

4 Anguilla
This British territory in the northern Caribbean offers couples excellent white-sand beaches on a low-key island.

5 Fiji
An exotic culture on a faraway island appeals to couples who truly want to escape on a honeymoon or romantic getaway.

6 St Lucia
There's something about those twin peaks -- the Piton Mountains -- that loom over turquoise waters plus fantastic resorts that make St. Lucia one of the most popular spots for sophisticated couples.

7 Mexico
East to west, Cancun to Los Cabos and including everything from Puerto Vallarta to Mexico City, the warmth of our neighbor to the south and her incredible resorts and all-inclusive make beach vacations here almost irresistible.

8 St Bart’s
Long a refuge for the wealthy, St. Bart's and its yacht-filled waters appeal to well-heeled couples.

9 Jamaica
Fabulous beaches and the Caribbean's largest selection of all-inclusive resorts, not to mention the reggae beat, make this one of the most popular islands for honeymoon couples.

10 France
The epitome of romance, France -- especially Paris -- seems as if it was couture-made for lovers.

11 Bali
The people of this Indonesian island help to create a vacation that is both spiritual and beautiful.

12 Bermuda
600 miles off the coast of North Carolina (Bermuda is too far north to be part of the Caribbean), it has a high standard of living, top resorts, and unforgettable private coves lined with pink-sand beaches.

13 South Africa
Have a honeymoon where you can go on safari, experience the sophistication and sights of Cape Town, and savor the fruit of Africa's leading producing wineries.

14 Costa Rica
This peaceful Central American nation enjoys a high standard of living, boasts impressive biodiversity and includes tropical rain forests, active volcanoes, hot spring spas, unspoiled beaches, rivers and waterfalls, and national parks.

15 Greece
Sun-baked islands and historic Athens draw couples to ancient and modern attractions.

16 US Virgin Islands
Part of the United States yet in the Caribbean, the USVI puts out a special welcome to visitors with a high dutyfree allowance (and the weather is great).

17 British Virgin Islands
Reachable by boat (or, if you prefer, yacht), the British Virgin Islands tend to attract affluent couples.

18 Turks & Caicos
Gorgeous, uncrowded beaches and airy, modern accommodations beckon.

19 Nevis
Couples who appreciate a more intimate experience can find it on the beaches and fine resorts of this quiet island.

20 Australia
Brilliant Sydney, incredible beaches, friendly and fun-loving people, and some spectacle resorts around the Great Barrier Reef make this county appealing both on land and water.

21 Aruba
A haven for beach lovers, dry Aruba is below the hurricane belt so it's a safe bet any time of year.

22 New Zealand
Spectacular country for outdoors lovers.

23 Antigua
How does an island with 365 beaches sound to you?

24 Barbados
One of the lushest islands in the Caribbean, Barbados offers romance with a British accent.

25 Cook Islands
A faraway place for couples who want to venture away from crowds.

26 England
From the excitement of London to the beauty of the countryside, England is one place every couple should visit in their lifetime.

27 Thailand
Exotic and beautiful (and hot!), colorful Thailand dazzles the eye and its Buddhist ways nourish the soul.

28 Florida
The Sunshine State beckons families to Disney yet couples can savor more adult pleasures in Miami, Boca, Palm Beach and Naples.

29 California
You could spend a month in California and still have more to explore, from the redwoods and wineries up north, to sophisticated San Francisco to the beaches and allure of Los Angeles, to the enchanting modernism of Palm Springs and down to San Diego and even into the desert.

30 Ireland
Ancestral home to couples of Irish heritage, Ireland is a gorgeous, green, welcoming country to couples.

31 Kenya
Political problems can put some couples off visiting but safari sights are nonpareil.

32 Las Vegas
Plan to be lucky in love if you marry and/or honeymoon in Vegas, a 24/7 city of glitz, glamor, and great food and hotels.

33 St Maarten/St Martin
Whether you prefer the upright Dutch side or the laissez-faire French side where topless bathing in de rigueur, there's plenty of beach here for everyone.

34 Dominican Republic
Exceptional beaches, and a wide range of accommodations, from cheap-cheap all-inclusives to exclusive high end resorts, lure honeymoon couples and other lovers.

35 Switzerland
Covered in snow or edelweiss, Switzerland and its Alps and lakes provide couples with a breath of fresh air.

36 Bahamas
It's a convenient and fast flight or boat ride from Miami to the Bahamas, and several one-of-a-kind resorts await.

37 Belize
Whether it's the beach or the jungle you fancy, Belize has both -- and toucans, too.

38 Canada
From the romance of Quebec City and Montreal to the outdoor thrills of British Columbia, Canada delights honeymoon couples who want to experience another country without having to travel far from home.

39 Cayman Islands
Scuba divers say that the Caymans offer some of the best underwater finds in the Caribbean.

40 Monaco
Elegant Monaco measures only one square mile yet there's plenty of parking for the world's most immense yachts and plenty of dazzle for couples who like to dress and eat well.

41 Turkey
Istanbul and  Bodrum and Antalya along Turkey's western coast offer couples a window into another culture combined with spectacular food, exceptional hotels, and great shopping.

42 New York
The most exciting city in the world, filled with culture, every kind of food, and even a park in the sky. Just don't waste your honeymoon spending it in Times Square!

43 Spain
Discover the sensual Spanish soul through fine fare and flamenco and enjoy the country's great romantic cities — Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville.

44 Alaska
A great summer time getaway, for camping or especially by cruise ship.

45 Chile
Long and skinny Chile lures high-altitude lovers with the opportunity to experience the otherworldly Machu Picchu.

46 India
The colors, the sounds, the texture of India are like nowhere else. Honeymoon anywhere from the ayurvedic resorts of Kerala to yoga retreats to five-star-plus properties.

47 New England
Leafy summer idylls, gorgeous fall vistas, and plenty of mountains to ski make these northeastern states great in three seasons (skip muddy spring, though).

48 Portugal
Just across the Atlantic from the continental United States, Portugal has a long coast, lots of beaches, a great seafaring history, and the freshest seafood.

49 Scotland
Wide open spaces, some extraordinary accommodations, more whisky than you can imagine, and unmatched golf resorts make this a destination that cossets and charms.

50 Austria
Will you have this waltz? Austria's musical heritage makes for a harmonious honeymoon, which can include Vienna's charms as well as Alpine thrills.

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