Top Hamburgers in Oklahoma City

Thin and pressed or giant and juicy, you just can't beat a great-tasting burger. Fortunately for residents and visitors in Oklahoma City, there are a number of excellent choices. You don't need a long and extensive search; here's exactly where to start, the best hamburgers in the OKC metro. 

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    Nic's Grill Oklahoma City
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    The tiny little restaurant near 10th and Penn has limited hours of operation, but you should absolutely find a way to stop in and try this hamburger. One of the OKC establishments featured on the Food Network's popular "Diners, Drive-ins and Dives," Nic's meat has a wonderful, loosely-packed texture, and the toppings are fresh and plentiful. There's also now a Nic's location at 1116 N. Robinson Avenue in Midtown for a more upscale atmosphere.

    1201 N. Pennsylvania Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73107
    (405) 524-0999

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    Ron's Hamburgers

    Ron's has been one of my favorites ever since I would get a cheeseburger and frosty mug root beer as a kid. It's amazing how much less my stomach can handle these days, but I still have one of the gut-busting chili cheeseburgers from time to time. This is not by any means a gourmet experience, but if you're looking for a great burger, you can't get much better than Ron's.

    3 OKC Locations Including
    4723 N. May Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
    (405) 943-7667

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    Irma's Burger Shack

    Irma's Burger Shack
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    Irma's is a well-known OKC staple, with locations on NW 63rd and at Plaza Court in Midtown, and I've been a big fan for years. The famous "No Name" burger is delicious, the shredded cheese a perfect topper, and a beer or some chili makes a great addition to the meal.

    Original Location at:
    1035 NW 63rd Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73116
    (405) 840-IRMA

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    Tucker's Onion Burgers OKC
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    A Good Egg Group restaurant (the folks behind Cheever's, Iron Starr Barbecue, Red Prime and Republic, which also has a great burger by the way), Tucker's is one of the newest hamburger spots on this list. Only a short time after opening on NW 23rd, a second location was added at Classen Curve and a third on North May. The popularity makes complete and total sense once you've tasted the delicious onion burgers. The "Mother Tucker" is gigantic, and they also have turkey burgers and tasty shakes. Be warned, though... If you ask for no onions, you will be mildly teased.

    324 N.W. 23rd St.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    (405) 609-2333

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    Bursting onto the OKC scene originally as a food truck, Patty Wagon now occupies a former Whataburger building on May. You'll quickly ignore the retro atmosphere, though, when you get a taste of the delicious burgers. A single is plenty, and there are multiple combination options. The bun is thick and holds up well to the juice and massive toppings, but with a wonderful sweetness, it's far more than just foundation. 

    3600 North May Avenue
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    (405) 917-1711

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    S&B's Burger Joint
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    Whether at the original on May or other locations such as Automobile Alley or Midwest City, S&B's makes a very good burger, thick and moist without being too greasy. The meat almost has a sweetness to it, and you'll find quality vegetables, thick-cut bacon, and homemade special sauces. I'm making my way through the specialty burgers right now, and there's something for everyone. For example, the Colombian has a nice creaminess with the avocado/cheddar cheese mix, though admittedly, I lost the flavor of the cilantro lime salsa. Next up for me is the Elvis, a bacon burger with peanut butter.

    5929 North May Avenue, Suite 106
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112

    (405) 843-8777

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    Barry's Grill

    Barry's Grill OKC
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    Like many of the best places for burgers in this world, Barry's Grill doesn't look like much on the outside, a non-descript, mirrored glass exterior. Or on the inside for that matter, a wide open room with less-than-impressive booths and tables. But once you see and smell the burgers being cooked on the grill behind the counter, you know you're in for a treat. These aren't oversized like some others on the list. They are thin with that old-fashioned diner grill flavor.

    3124 N. May Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73112
    (405) 948-7878
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    Earl's Rib Palace

    If you only know Earl's Rib Palace for their BBQ, you're missing out. Earl's also makes a very good burger, doing the fire-grilled taste as well as you can do it. The burgers are thick and filling, and I love the toasted bun.

    Multiple OKC Locations Including
    216 Johnny Bench Drive
    Oklahoma City, OK 73104
    (405) 272-9898

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    Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler

    When you think of burgers, it's difficult to get more "OKC" than Johnnie's Charcoal Broiler. They've been around since the early 70's and are the local, multi-location burger specialists. Johnnie's has that "charcoal-grilled" flavor, just enough to be unique but not overwhelming. Try their unique sauce as well.

    Multiple OKC Locations Including
    2652 W. Britton Road
    Oklahoma City, OK 73120
    (405) 751-2565