More Than A Game At Top Golf Las Vegas

Top Golf Las Vegas

Top Golf

You will not need to yell “fore” at Top Golf Las Vegas. There will be screaming, though, and there will be laughing and there definitely will be talking during your backswing. That’s the idea. Top Golf Las Vegas is really about having fun in the non-traditional golf way. What would you expect from an attraction in Las Vegas that is open until 4 am and boasts five bars, two pools, cabanas, and a live music stage in over 100,000 square feet, just golf?

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It's Not Just Golf at Top Golf Las Vegas

Top Golf Las Vegas at night
Top Golf Las Vegas

Top Golf Las Vegas is about swinging a club and trying to make that little white ball land on or near a target but you won’t be chasing it. Each ball is outfitted with a microchip that registers your shot on a monitor in your hitting bay. You compare your shot with the group you are playing with and soon the competition ensues. Each hitting bay, of which there are over 100, comes complete with golf clubs, lounge area, and cocktail and food servers to make your day of golf, unlike anything you have ever experienced. With plenty of options for games of skill and fun, your group can have fun playing a team game or an individual competition. You won’t need golf shoes, a glove or even those impressive looking knickers that golfers sport on the links. You just need a couple of friends and the need to get out and have a good time.

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The Hitting Bays at Top Golf Las Vegas

Top Golf Hitting Bay
Luke Quezada

Don’t worry about the summer heat at Top Golf Las Vegas as each of the bays is climate controlled. Although, if you get warm, the cocktails on the menu will keep you cool as well. The bays include seating for up to 6 players as well as a television to make sure you don’t miss a game. Servers are very attentive and you can be sure that your needs will be met by the Top Golf staff. Golf clubs are provided in the bay or you can bring your own.

Bay pricing starts at $30 per hour for up to six players.

Top Golf Las Vegas operates Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 a.m.

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The Top Golf Las Vegas Facility

Top Golf Las Vegas
Luke Quezada

The space is huge, so expect to spend some time exploring the entire facility. Top Golf Las Vegas has four levels and they each seem to take on their own personality. From the bottom floor that resembles a golf course driving range to the top level that feels like a Las Vegas nightclub, you can get a few different experiences depending on where you choose to play. There are a couple of pools as well as plenty of bars. For the serious golfer, there is a state of the art golf club fitting center and a pro shop.

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The Food at Top Golf Las Vegas

Food at Top Golf Las Vegas
Luke Quezada

It is very easy to mail in the food options when you play golf, but this is Las Vegas and they hardly did that. If you want to compete for a full day of service you have to serve good food and drink and you’ll be very happy with the food options at Top Golf Las Vegas. Top Golf Las Vegas brought in Chef Chris Vaughn who has been a mainstay in Las Vegas for some time, now but was recently at Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and doing some great things at Simon at Palms Place before that.

This is not your "19th hole" menu of soggy beef dip and stale chef’s salad, nor is it your typical pub fare of chili fries and fried specialties. This is a culinary treat. There should be excitement on your palate as you attempt to play golf in Las Vegas and with dishes such as Kalbi short rib tacos, crispy rock shrimp and yellowtail sashimi you won’t be disappointed. However, dishes such as the crispy hominy and the fried pork that comes with it and the pork pibil and its Oaxacan roots should get you even more excited. The wings celebrate chicken with savory, spicy and sweet flavors and the flatbread helps you embrace carbs once again. The star of the show might be the sea bass sliders but the classic sliders are battling hard to make sure you don’t overlook them.

It’s important to understand that you do not have to love golf to play here and the food will have you coming back just to snack.

I should note that no day at Top Golf Las Vegas can be complete without some inject-able donut holes. There, it had been said.

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The Pool at Top Golf Las Vegas

The Pool at Top Golf Las Vegas
Luke Quezada

There are a couple of pools at Top Golf Las Vegas as well as cabanas, VIP and event areas. You'll be surrounded by over 300 televisions screens including four 28 ft. x 50 ft. screens in the outfield and a 14 ft x 48 ft screen in The Yard. Top Golf Las Vegas is kid-friendly but the top two levels are reserved for guests 21 years of age and older.

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Lounge or Play at Top Golf Las Vegas

Lounge and Play At Top Golf Las Vegas
Luke Quezada

 There are multiple lounge areas throughout Top Golf Las Vegas as well as common areas with shuffleboard and cornhole. The space is set up for live music and special performances as well as bar seating with views of both the golf and the televisions.

Top Golf Las Vegas is located behind the MGM Grand Las Vegas on 8 acres. The four levels are enough to satisfy any Las Vegas experience.