Top Gay Bars in Nashville

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Best Nashville LGBTQIA Bars

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From Drag Shows to State-of-the-Art Dance Clubs and Show Bars, come with us as we find the best of Nashville's hottest Queer Clubs, Pubs, Bars and local Gayborhood Favorites.

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Canvas Lounge

1707 Church St, Nashville, TN 37203-2921, USA
Phone +1 615-320-8656

Canvas Lounge focuses on making the customer feel special! The ambiance is second to none. With all the funky colors and decor along with the great music, it's hard not to relax and inhale all the good vibes swirling around.

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The Lipstick Lounge

1400 Woodland St, Nashville, TN 37206-2823, USA
Phone +1 615-226-6343

The rich deep red walls lined with art are one's first indication that this is no ordinary GLTG hangout. This club, opened in 2002, in the eclectic East Nashville neighborhood and has been crowded ever since. The lounge is, for the most part, casual dress and is geared more towards the female crowd. The Lipstick Lounge offers a real sociable and hip climate with plenty of dancing, and other entertainment too.

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Copyright Jan Duke

Jan Duke

1517 Church St, Nashville, TN 37203-3004, USA
Phone +1 615-329-2912

Known as Big City Hot...Nashville Friendly, the Tribe is a casual music video bar that offers a streaming supply of music at levels that actually promote good conversation and mingling. The decor throughout is elegant yet simple which adds to its trendy flavor and style. Dining is also provided by its adjoining restaurant, Red, which offers an array of food that, is just as trendy and inline as the rest of this venue.

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1501 Ensley Blvd, Nashville, TN 37210, USA
Phone +1 615-742-8856

Trax offers a more casual sports bar atmosphere with plenty of visual experiences with the many TVs throughout, which is great during football season. It also offers pool tables and dart boards for the sportsman in you and if you need to connect more we hear that it even offers wireless internet access.

If I've overlooked a local Nashville favorite or if you need me to update, add to, or change it, please feel free to contact me anytime!

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Top Gay Bars in Nashville