Top Five-star Hotels in Amsterdam

While there is some debate about which Amsterdam hotels are truly worthy of a five-star rating, there's no doubt about these. Find the top luxury hotels in Amsterdam with this list.

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    Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam at the Professor Tulpplein from the Torontobrug.
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    Located in the oldest part of the city, this was the only Amsterdam hotel to make Travel & Leisure's list of the World's Best Hotels in 2007. The monumental buildings between two canals have served as a 15th-century convent, the headquarters of the Dutch Admiralty in the Golden Age, the Town Hall and even the site of the current Queen Beatrix's wedding reception in 1966. It's also the address of the Michelin starred seafood restaurant Bridges.

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    Intercontinental Amstel, Amsterdam
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    The traditionally furnished 79 rooms and suites of this waterside hotel epitomize grand European elegance. Guests enjoy a unique, idyllic location -- a private square along the Amstel River that is at once central and quiet. The hotel's main restaurant, La Rive, is another one of the 14 Michelin-starred kitchens in Amsterdam.

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    Hotel Pulitzer
    ••• Hotel Pulitzer

    Arguably Amsterdam's most unique luxury accommodations, Hotel Pulitzer's 230 guest rooms occupy 25 restored 17th- and 18th-century canal houses between the picturesque Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht canals.

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    Hotel De L'Europe room
    ••• Hotel De L'Europe

    Once a gift from beer magnate Freddy Heineken to his wife, Hotel de l'Europe is now owned by his daughter. Luxury furnishings include Dutch-master paintings in the lobby. Overlooking the Amstel River at the Muntplein, the hotel is in the center of one of the busiest areas of Amsterdam.

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    NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky room
    ••• NH Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky

    Situated on busy Dam Square, the Krasnapolsky is indeed grand, with more than 450 rooms and 36 apartments. The hotel's décor is simpler and more understated than that of the ornate Amstel Intercontinental or Hotel de l'Europe. The spectacular Winter Garden is popular with guests and visitors for its breakfast in a lush setting.

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    Hotel Okura Amsterdam
    ••• Franklin Heijnen / Flickr / CC BY 2.0

    This high-rise property in southern Amsterdam caters to business travelers and those seeking luxury in a quieter section of the city. Expect tastefully modern rooms and world-class dining, as the hotel boasts three of the city's Michelin-starred restaurants. Yamazato serves traditional Japanese fare, while Sazanka does Japanese teppanyaki dishes; Ciel Bleu -- the city's only two-starred restaurant -- offers French-inspired cuisine on the 23rd floor.

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    Amsterdam Hilton
    ••• DennisM2 / Flickr / CC0 1.0

    The boxy building from the '60s was home to the famous "bed-in" of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in 1969. You can even rent the room for just € 1,400 a night! Located on a quiet canal in Amsterdam's Old South neighborhood, the hotel is walking distance to favorite shopping and dining spots of local residents.

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    Bilderberg Garden Hotel
    ••• Bilderberg Garden Hotel

    Just a stone's throw from the Amsterdam Hilton, this property is equally as nondescript on the exterior. But excellent service and elegantly modern rooms keep the small hotel in residential Old South Amsterdam on the five-star list.

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