Top Eurostar Destinations from London

Top Cities and a Suggested Itinerary for Northern Europe

Eurostar is the high-speed rail link connecting London to Paris, Brussels and beyond. The convenient city center train stations mean that travel time is far shorter than by plane, when you consider check-in times, getting your luggage and transferring from the airports). In fact, Eurostar carries more passengers than all of the airlines combined on both routes out of London.

Why Take the Eurostar?

London is usually the shortest path from the US to a major airport in Europe, and often the most inexpensive choice for non-stop flights. It's a natural start your vacation in London, and when you're through visiting, Eurostar is right there at St Pancras station - and Paris just over two hours away. If you only have a short time to see Europe and want to see some of Europe's Best Cities, Eurostar is a fast, convenient way to tour London, Paris, and cities in bordering countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany.

The fastest London to Paris trains take just over two hours, while the London to Brussels journey is exactly two hours long. Other travel times are listed with the relevant city, below.

And if you're tempted by Premium First Class, you'll also get fast-lane check-in, four-course lunch or dinner service with wine and a free taxi service from your arrival point to any city destination

Suggested Itinerary

Starts in London (for as many days as you can afford), for either Lille (one day) or Paris (again, as long as you can afford) on the Eurostar. Alternatively, miss both out and head straight to Brussels (two days). From there a loop takes you to Amsterdam (three days) through Antwerp (one day), then on to Cologne (one day). From Cologne, you can return to Brussels or Lille in anticipation of the return trip on the Eurostar.