Top 10 Downtown Vancouver Restaurants

Where to Eat in Downtown Vancouver

For visitors, "downtown Vancouver" typically means the whole downtown peninsula; for locals, that area comprises three neighbourhoods: the West End (and Coal Harbour), from Burrard Street to Stanley Park, Yaletown (southeast downtown) and Gastown (northeast downtown). 

Since this Guide is for travelers and tourists, I'm using Robson Square (800 Robson Street) and the Vancouver Art Gallery as the "centre" of downtown Vancouver and highlighting restaurants within walking distance of those two famous landmarks.

If you're closer to Stanley Park, see Best Stanley Park Restaurants. 

The best restaurants in downtown Vancouver run the gamut from food trucks to seafood extravaganzas to high-end Italian. Truly something for everyone and every appetite. 

Quick note on price ranges: "Expensive" is a relative term. I use it here to denote restaurants that are more expensive than average for Metro Vancouver.

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1. Japadog

Japadog street food
Image Courtesy of Japadog

Let's start with one of the 10 Iconic Vancouver Restaurants: Japadog. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and that holds true for this local favourite. Before food trucks were legal in Vancouver, only hotdogs could be sold on the street. Enter the Tamuras, who chose to sell hotdogs with a Japanese twist; their famous Terimayo is a hotdog topped with Teriyaki sauce, mayo and seaweed. They were--and are--a huge success.

Today, Japadog has multiple sit-down restaurants as well as food carts. Perfect for grabbing a cheap bite to eat in downtown Vancouver.

Address: 899 Burrard Street & 530 Robson Street (plus more locations)
Cuisine: Hotdogs with Japanese toppings
Price range: Inexpensive

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2. Coast

coast restaurant
Image Courtesy of Coast / Glowbal Group

Coast is one of the top restaurants in Vancouver, period; it's a fantastic example of Pacific Northwest Cuisine, including local seafood. And it happens to be located right in the heart of downtown Vancouver, near Vancouver's luxury shopping zone.

Address: 1054 Alberni Street
Cuisine: Pacific Northwest seafood
Price range: Expensive  

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3./4. Hapa Izakaya & Guu Original

Hapa Izakaya in Vancouver
Image Courtesy of Hapa Izakaya

Japanese-style izakayas--"tasting lounges" that serve Tokyo-inspired tapas and shared plates--are very popular in Vancouver, and there are two in the centre of downtown Vancouver that are very good: Hapa Izakaya and Guu Original. 

Hapa Izakaya
Address: 1479 Robson Street
Cuisine: Japanese-style tapas
Price range: Moderate

Guu Original
Address: 838 Thurlow Street
Cuisine: Japanese-style tapas
Price range: Inexpensive

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