Top Downtown Miami Activities

Downtown ​Miami is a fascinating place full of vibrancy and interesting activities for local and tourists alike. You'll find a wide variety of museums, stores, restaurants and historic attractions scattered among the banks and businesses of downtown.

Are you planning a trip to Miami or looking for some great ways to spend time in your favorite city?  Even if you're just in town for a single day before a cruise or have a few hours to kill during a business trip, there's something for you to enjoy in the Magic City of Miami!


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    Miami waterfront
    Michael Jimenez / EyeEm/Getty Images

    One of the features that sets Miami apart from other big cities is the way it integrates itself with the water. To witness this, look no further than the downtown waterfront area. Whether you're interested in history, shopping, art or entertainment, you can't miss this scenic part of town!

    This Miami Waterfront Walking tour will take you about an hour, provided that you don't take time to stop and smell the roses (which is highly encouraged!)  You'll get a flavor of how the Miami waterfront scene has evolved over the years to be one of the showcases of our beautiful city.

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    Bayside Market Miami
    Bobby B. Brown/Flickr/CC 2.0

    Bayside Marketplace is a great shopping experience for those of us who live and work in downtown Miami. It's conveniently located on Biscayne Boulevard just south of American Airlines Arena and features some fantastic stores!  Whether you're looking to shop or just people-watch, Bayside Marketplace is tons of fun.  

    Be forewarned: when cruise ships are in port, foreign tourists often flood Bayside Marketplace, filling up the walkways and shops quickly!

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    Miami Circle Site

    Miami Circle
    Averette/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY 3.0

    A routine archaeological evaluation of a construction site in 1998 uncovered one of the most surprising discoveries in the history of South Florida. Crews preparing to build a new luxury apartment complex discovered that 401 Brickell Avenue had much more ancient residents than previously believed.

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    Freedom Tower
    Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

    If you live in Miami, you no doubt know the Freedom Tower’s silhouette. It is a distinctive part of our skyline. Its rich history and symbolism have now been preserved for all to enjoy for many generations to come.

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    Miami Science Museum
    Miami Science Museum

    Miami Science Museum offers children and adults alike an entertaining, educational experience. It's a great place to visit, whether you're on vacation, a school field trip or a weekend family outing.

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    Dana Bowden

    Miami Children’s Museum offers children the opportunity to explore their imaginations through educational play. My three children have been to the museum many times and look forward to each return visit!

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    The Pérez Art Museum Miami
    The Pérez Art Museum Miami

    Formally known as MAM, The Pérez Art Museum Miami's collections focus on the international art of the western hemisphere from the 1940s through the present and is located in Museum Park.

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    Historical Museum of Southern Florida
    Greater Miami Convention and Visitors' Bureau

    The Historical Museum of Southern Florida (also known as HistoryMiami), located in the heart of downtown Miami, offers visitors a unique glimpse into the history of our region. The museum features a variety of exhibits covering the cultural, political and natural history of South Florida.

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    No matter what your taste, you're bound to find a great restaurant in Downtown Miami! We've got it all -- Italian, Thai, Cuban, Brazilian, Chinese, or just a good old American steak -- you name it, it's somewhere in our city!