Top 10 Disney World Souvenirs for Kids

Disney Souvenirs and Collectibles Kids Love

Part of the fun a Disney vacation is shopping! Don't miss these great souvenir picks for kids when you visit Walt Disney World.

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Themed Souvenirs

Toy story keychains

Frédéric BISSON/Flickr/CC BY 2.0


Pick a favorite Disney character or movie, and collect souvenirs based on your selection. Love Toy Story? Then look for postcards, pens, plush dolls and more featuring your favorite characters.

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Collectible Pins

Collect pins

Walt Disney World 

Disney offers collectible pins and accessories at just about every retail location. You can find pins featuring your favorite character, movie, or ride; and, pins can be traded with Disney World cast members or guests. A pin collection is something you can add to each year, and since trading is not only allowed, but encouraged, the collection can grow with your child. Start out with Playhouse Disney pins, then trade up to princesses, pirates, or Star Wars — the possibilities are endless!

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Pressed Pennies


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Pick up a portfolio designed to hold pressed pennies, then head to your favorite Disney theme park and squash some coins! Part of the fun of collecting is watching your penny get made into a unique souvenir. These are fun to make, and at less than a dollar each make for a very affordable souvenir.

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Lion King clothing

Alistair Fernandez/Wikimedia Commons/CC BY-SA 3.0

Look for clothing pieces that you can get lots of use from, like a sweatshirt or bathing suit featuring your favorite character. Your child will remember your Disney vacation every time she wears a princess hoodie or nightgown from the trip.

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Fill a Box

Mr. Potato Head Station

 Loren Javier/Flickr/CC BY-ND 2.0

Budding engineers will enjoy packing a box full of Mr. Potato Head parts. Part of the fun is seeing just how many pieces you can fit into the box! Look for parts and accessories that are unique to Disney World, like mouse ears, sorcerer's hats, and Darth Vader gear. Don't like potatoes? Load a box with "My Little Pony" parts instead. Find Mr. Potato Head stations at Disney's Hollywood Studios and at Once Upon a Toy at Disney Springs.

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vinylmation dolls

Sam Howzit/Flickr/

CC BY 2.0


Part of the fun of collecting Vinylmations is the surprise. Most are hidden until the point of purchase, so you never know quite what you will get. If you get one you don't like or one you already have, don't despair, just trade it in for a new one! Kids can build a Vinylmation collection and add to it each time they visit Disney World.

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Character Autographs


Walt Disney World

Buy an autograph book at the park, or make your own customized Disney autograph book, and collect signatures from your favorite Disney Characters. Not only are autographs free, you get the fun of meeting your favorite character in person.

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Stuffed Animals

Orange bird plushies, Hollywood Studios

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Look for stuffed animals in every theme park. Many selections are only available at Disney World, so if your child has a favorite obscure character or movie, chances are you can find a plush version to take home. The 10" size stuffed animals are most affordable; they can be purchased for under $15.00.

Tip: Get your stuffed animal autographed by the character it represents to make a unique and memorable souvenir of your trip.

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Photo with Elsa

 Walt Disney World

Snap a photo of your son with his favorite characters, and make a Disney World scrapbook or photo album of your trip. You can take pictures on your own, or use Disney's free PhotoPass service, and order prints when you get home.

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Character Themed Accessories

Pirates League Makeover

© Walt Disney World

Visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and not only will you get a magical makeover, you will also get some great souvenirs as well. Each guest is provided with makeup, a sash and hair accessories, and some packages include a dress as well. Not ready for a fairy godmother makeover? Boys or girls can bring home pirate accessories from the Magic Kingdom's Pirate's League makeover as well.