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The hotel you choose for your vacation is bound to affect how much you enjoy it. And if you're traveling with romance in mind, luxury hotel amenities such as 24-hour room service, designer bed linens, and a concierge who will book dinner, concert, or theater reservations can sweeten the experience, especially when you can enjoy them at a discount. Even if your budget is tight, you needn't spend it in a cheap hotel. Shop around for a luxury hotel room at a discount price at these sites. Even though they bargain-hunt, they still provide pricing on five-star properties.

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TripAdvisor has become an essential tool for travelers. Here you can not only read about others' experiences at specific hotels and resorts but you can now book your accommodations directly from the site. There's also the option to book on popular online travel agents, including Expedia, Priceline, and Orbitz. TripAdvisor is also a good place to research destinations and book flights, vacation rentals, and restaurants as well. To find the best discount deals, choose a page of hotels in a destination and click on "Lowest Price."

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Just because Expedia is the largest online travel agency, easy to use, and comprehensive don't assume you won't find bargains here. When you search for hotels on Expedia, the first returns are usually those Expedia has special deals with -- and discount savings are passed on to you. Expedia is also the best place to get hotel info on a given destination, and you can conveniently shop for a luxury hotel by choosing "Sort by Hotel Class."

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Hotel-price deals for both bargain hunters and bottom fishers with a taste for the finer things. You can choose a specific hotel and get a low rate, or take your chances by bidding on the company's Name Your Own Price Hotels. For the latter, you choose the number of stars and general location but you won't know the actual hotel until your offer is accepted.

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The smart money's on Travelocity when you want to make a quick getaway without breaking the bank. Affordable last-minute vacation packages, both domestic and international, will tempt you away from spending another weekend at home.

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Kayak is different from Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, and Orbitz in that you can't book travel from it directly. But it will search those sights and hundreds of others in order to show you the lowest prices on hotels, flights, cars, and package vacations. Note that it does not include Southwest Airlines flights in its search.

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Classic Custom Vacations

Classic Custom Vacations specializes in helping travelers tailor luxury vacations and providing them with the best (including first-class airfare if desired) for less. On this site, you can select airfare and a resort in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Because the trip is personalized, you'll have to call toll-free rather than click to complete your travel plans and speak to a Classic Custom Vacations travel agent, who can also book tours, attractions, and rental cars for you. The company's sales page offers promotional deals.

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Don’t turn to Quikbook if you’re merely looking for a cheap hotel. This reservation service doesn’t traffic in shabby motels or $49.95 specials; it sticks to upscale and boutique hotels, and now serves more than 100 destinations in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and Mexico. Inspiring wanderlust, Quikbook’s Great Getaways collection features discount prices in categories such as Hip Hotels, Seaside Favorites, Spa Retreats, and the ultra-luxury Quikbook Premier Collection.

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Last Minute Travel

No longer a site just to book weekend getaways on the fly, offers many exclusive deals, saving consumers time and money on discount airline tickets, discount hotels, discount cruises, discount car rentals, and discount vacation packages. has been recognized by Travel & Leisure Magazine as the best site for spontaneous travel and was named a "Best of the Web" by It charges an annual membership fee.

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Similar to Expedia, Orbitz lets users search for a hotel by star rating. Check out its luxury offerings in any city you want to visit by choosing the maximum five-star rating. Users can sign up as a member for free via Facebook.

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Momondo compares hotel rates, car rental fees, and airfares from 700+ travel sites and is strong on searching European travel brands in addition to ones based in the United States.

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