Top 10 Cities for Fall Travel in the U.S. and Abroad

These are the most popular places travel agents are booking right now

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Fall is a quiet time for travel. It is far beyond the hectic summer season, kids are back in school and the weather is cooling. Leaves are changing and the first signs of winter are beginning to make themselves known. However, if you are afforded the luxury of being able to take time off in the fall, you will learn that there are a variety of luxuries extended to those who choose this shoulder season for their vacation. There are fall deals that encourage people to visit both places near and far since the pace of travel has slowed and hotel beds oft need filling.

According to CCRA Travel Commerce Network, which is a hub for travel technology, marketing, accreditation and education that connects travel professionals with the suppliers of the products that they need to drive revenue, relationships and brand recognition in the travel marketplace, these are the top places travel agents are booking right now in the U.S. and abroad.

The CCRA reports quarterly on where consumers who seek travel professionals’ services are planning to vacation in the U.S. and around the world. This most recent survey reveals several new destinations that consumers are planning to visit this fall travel season compared to last year’s bookings. 

Based on year-over-year hotel booking comparisons, there are two new cities on CCRA’s Top 10 U.S. Cities list: Key West, Fla., and Nashville, Tenn. Additionally, there are three new cities that appear on CCRA’s Top 10 International Cities list: San Juan, Puerto Rico; Rockhampton, Australia; and Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The Top 10 U.S. Cities For Fall 2015 Hotel Stays

1.   Las Vegas

2.   Orlando

3.   Miami

4.   New Orleans

5.   New York

6.   Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

7.   San Diego, Calif.

8.   Anaheim, Calif.

9.   Key West, Fla.

10. Nashville, Tenn.

The Top 10 International Cities For Fall 2015 Hotel Stays:

1.   Reykjavik, Iceland

2.   Paris, France

3.   San Juan, Puerto Rico

4.   Venice

5.   Rome

6.   Rockhampton, Australia

7.   Barcelona

8.   Montego Bay, Jamaica

9.   London

10. Florence, Italy

If you are considering making a journey this fall, this list of places is a good place to start. Obviously, many people are finding the value in these locales around the country and the world and you might want to get in on the action – and hopefully the savings.

More Savings Ahead

In order to improve its ability to offer great deals, CCRA is currently working to enhance its services, which will be a win for consumers and travel agents.

"Our hotel booking engine allows travel agents to pass along incredible savings to their clients offered by our growing number of over 180,000 preferred hotel suppliers, when arranging trips to these trending fall vacation destinations," said Dic Marxen, president and CEO of CCRA Travel Commerce Network. "We recently announced plans to significantly enhance our hotel booking engine scheduled to relaunch this winter 2015/16, as part of our continued commitment to help travel professionals earn higher commissions while providing their clients with the best hotel rates and added value offers available.

Travel professionals will benefit from the hotel booking engine’s new and modernized look, enhanced functionality and user experience, and an increased hotel inventory worldwide."