Top 10 Baby Names for Boys in New York City

Love NYC? Consider Adopting one of these Popular New York City Names for Boys

The newest data (released in December 2015) on New York City's most popular baby names for boys has been put out by the NYC Health Department. It shows that biblical names remain timeless favorites, with classics like Daniel and Michael among the top New York City baby names that are derived from Hebrew roots. These top 10 New York City names for boys were compiled from the 122,084 babies born in the city in 2014. If you love Manhattan, perhaps adopting one of these popular New York City names for boys is the perfect namesake tribute!

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The name Ethan is a longtime favorite with roots in both English and Hebrew (meaning "strong" in both languages). It emerged on top of the list of New York City name for boys in the most recent findings, after holding the second-place spot for two years in a row; NYC Health Department’s birth certificate records showed 740 Ethans born in 2014.

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Jacob is another Biblical name, meaning "supplanter" or "to follow." Some of its recent surge in popularity is credited to the character of the same name in the bestselling Twilight novels.

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Meaning "strong-willed warrior," this Irish-origin name is a shortened form of William. Celebrity "Liams," like actors Liam Neeson and Liam Hemsworth, and lead signer of Oasis Liam Gallagher have only helped to bolster the name's popularity.

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The name Jayden is a modern American creation, with popularity perhaps inspired by actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith naming their son (and future Karate Kid) Jaden. Some sources say the name can be traced back to the Hebrew name Jadon, meaning "thankful."

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Ever since the ark, this biblical name has been going strong. Meaning "rest," "repose," or "comfort," this Hebrew name has been used for lead character names in popular TV shows and movies like The Notebook, The Affair, and Glee.

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Daniel is another timeless classic when it comes to boys' names. The name comes from the Bible and is said to mean "my judge is the Lord" in Hebrew.

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Michael has been a mainstay on the list of the most popular New York City names for boys. The name Michael is from Hebrew for "like God."

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Alexander is from the Greeks and means "defender of the people."

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The name David comes from Hebrew for "beloved one."

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Another Biblical name, Matthew rounds out the list of New York City names for boys. The name Matthew comes from Hebrew for "God's gift."

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