Top Books for Lovers

Everyone knows that Romance can be found in Arkansas (many cards and wedding invitations are sent through Romance, AR for postmarking). These great books will help you find love no matter where you are, what day it is or what the occasion. Jump start your love life or revive it. These books are great for those who are married, dating or just getting ahead of the dating game.

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    Men, get this book if you really want to impress your lover. This is for men who want to learn to be more romantic without breaking the bank. We all say that romance isn't about cash, this book proves it.
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    Planning a romantic dinner for your honey? You should get this book. Find out about foods that will excite you lover and try some sensuous dishes that will make you look at food in a while new light.
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    Communication is the key to understanding your lover. This book discusses simple but effective techniques to lovingly communicate with your mate.
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    The author has lots of great tips to make everyday Valentine's Day. The book has 365 meditations, affirmations and quotations to make you think about your lover. These are simple enough to understand yet deep enough to matter. Great for those who are dating, married, having problems or those who seem to have the perfect relationship. We could all use a little help.
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    "The Art of Erotic Massage"

    Wouldn't any mate love for you to learn this? Male or female, you're sure to drive your mate mad with these simple techniques.
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    "52 Romantic Evenings to Spice Up Your Love Life"

    This book has 52 ideas for wonderful romantic evenings. The details include where to have it, what to fix, how to decorate and even what to wear. It's a complete guide. Some of the evenings are a little far out and expensive, but even if you can't follow them to the letter, the plans are sure to inspire you just the same.
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    Put a little spice in your sex life with this fun, racy book. It has lots of interesting techniques to revive your bedroom.
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    "214 Ways to Say I Love You"

    Two hundred and fourteen small, simple and effective ways to show your mate you love him/her. Sometimes the simplest things matter the most.
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    "365 Ways to Date Your Love"

    This book has some great fun ideas on how to date. Some of them might be ideas you already know about or have already done together, but as a relationship wears on, sometimes you do forget how to date. This book will remind you and maybe inspire you on a few new great dates.
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    Don't know how to flirt? This book teaches you what flirting is and how to use it. It's mostly geared toward women but men can learn a few things too. Besides, you don't want her to know all the secrets do you?