10 Top Beaches on the Maharashtra Konkan Coast

Khavne beach at Sindhudurg, Maharashtra, India
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India's spectacular Konkan Coast starts south of Mumbai in Maharashtra and extends for more than 530 kilometers (330 miles) to Goa's border with Karnataka. The Konkan Coast in Maharashtra offers a bounty of beautiful beaches, which are among the most pristine in the country. Delightfully off the tourist trail, they are devoid of much commercial development and many are practically deserted. In this regard, the best time to visit is during January and February, when the weather is warm (not hot), and it's the low season for domestic tourism. During peak season (May school holidays, long weekends, and Indian festival season) water sports, camel rides, and horse cart rides proliferate on the popular beaches.

The beaches below, which are listed in order of proximity from Mumbai, are some of the most notable. Yet, you won't have to look far to find many lesser-known ones where there is not a soul in sight.

A memorable way to visit the beaches is to take a motorcycle road trip down the Konkan Coast.

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Alibaug Beach, Maharashtra
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Alibaug (also spelled Alibag) is a sought-after weekend destination for Mumbai residents. Many of the city's rich and famous own bungalows there. The town was established in the 17th century and has quite an extensive history. There are numerous old forts, churches, synagogues, and temples all waiting to be explored. The main beach at Alibaug isn't very appealing though, so most people head to the surrounding beaches. There are all kinds of accommodations ranging from resorts to simple guesthouses.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 100 kilometers (62 miles).
  • Travel time: 1-1.5 hours by ferry, plus another 30-45 minutes from there. Driving time via National Highway 17/66 is around 3 hours.
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Kashid beach
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A little further down the coast from Alibaug, Kashid is more isolated but growing in popularity. Its long, wide beach is lined with casuarina trees, snack stalls, and hammocks. Two of the major attractions in the area are Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary and Murud-Janjira Fort. While the beach is quite empty on weekdays, it receives an influx of visitors on weekends. Family owned cottages and guesthouses provide most of the accommodations as there are only a few hotels in the area.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 130 kilometers (81 miles).
  • Travel time: 1-1.5 hours by ferry, plus another 2 hours from there. Driving time via National Highway 17/66 is around 4 hours.
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Diveagar beach, Maharashtra.
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Diveager is a relatively unknown beach that's not too far from Mumbai. It's bordered by dense forestation. Make your way through it and you'll be greeted by a wide, clean beach with fine sand. Exotica Beach Resort is one of the top places to stay (it's a Maharashtra Tourism hotel, albeit privately managed, opposite the beach). Rainbow Holidays Cottage, in the thicket of coconut trees, is cheaper and also recommended. The town used to have a Ganesh temple with a golden idol but thieves stole the idol in 2012. It's since been replaced by a silver one.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 180 kilometers (112 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 4.5 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Shrivardhan beach, Maharashtra.

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The standout feature of Shrivardhan beach is its thoughtfully developed promenade, with benches, rubbish bins, and decent public toilets. This is rare at beaches in India. The beach itself is nothing special though and the main drawback is that most of the accommodations are situated away from the beach.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 180 kilometers (111 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 4.5 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Arabian Sea with Black Rocks Harihareshwar Raigad Maharashtra
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Many people head to Harihareshwar, neighboring Shrivardhan, to visit its Shiva temple that houses an ancient Shiva linga. There's a pradakshina route around the temple, along the seashore. A rocky outcrop, accessible only during low tide, makes the beach particularly distinctive. The beach is actually split into two parts, north and south of the temple.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 210 kilometers (130 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 5 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Murud and Karde

Dolphin near Karde beach
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Murud and Karde form a long stretch of beach on the Konkan Coast. Hotels and homestays have mushroomed in the area, and there are many options for a beachfront stay. The main attraction is dolphin watching, especially during the winter when sightings are frequent. A little further north, Harnai is renowned for its massive daily fish market. Buy some seafood and get the locals to cook it up for you! Suvarnadurg Fort can also be visited.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 240 kilometers (150 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 6 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Ganpatipule, Malgund, and Aare Ware

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Ganpatipule is famous for its Ganesh temple, located right on the beach. Due to the number of devotees it attracts, the beach is not pleasant for swimming or relaxing. If you're looking for a more serene stay, Malgund beach (just before before Ganpatipule) is a better option. Alternatively, there are a few pricey resorts located away from the temple as well. Untouched Aare Ware beach, south of Ganpatipule, is a must-visit beach. The sea views from the cliffs and road above it on either side are sensational.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 340 kilometers (211 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 8 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Tarkarli, Malvan, and Devbag

Malvan beach

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If you're prepared to travel the distance, you'll be amply rewarded when you visit these beaches. The area is reminiscent of Goa decades ago before development set in. Its narrow, palm-fringed roads are lined with village homes, and locals can often be seen unhurriedly riding bicycles or walking to get around. The many beachfront homestays and guesthouses make it an appealing and inexpensive area to stay. Plus, the opulent new all-villa Coco Shambhala Sindhudurg provides a luxury accommodation option. The serenity of the beaches is preserved by the fact that water sports take place on a nearby island. Sindhudurg Fort is an attraction, along with the best snorkeling and scuba diving off the Indian mainland.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 500 kilometers (310 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 10 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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One of the most secluded beaches on Maharashtra's Konkan Coast, Bhogwe is situated where the Karli River meets the Arabian sea. Although it can be seen in the distance from Devbag beach, it still goes virtually unnoticed by visitors as its overshadowed by the popularity of Tarkarli. For an unforgettable stay amid nature, don't miss Maachli.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 520 kilometers (323 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 11.5 hours via National Highway 17/66.
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Fisherman at Vengurla
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Located only 30 minutes from the Goa border, semi-circular Vengurla beach is surrounded by lush hills. The road leading down to the beach provide dramatic vistas. Attractions in the area include a lighthouse, a jetty where fishermen return with the evening catch, and Vengurla Rocks (also known as Burnt Island) which is excellent for bird watching.

  • Distance from Mumbai: Approximately 520 kilometers (323 miles).
  • Travel time: Around 10.5 hours via National Highway 17/66.