Denmark's Best Sandy Beaches

Denmark has miles of coastline, but these beaches top the list

You don't have to look far for beaches in Denmark—the Danish coastline itself is one long sandy beach. And most of that sand is fine and white, with dunes dotting the landscape. Denmark's beaches are often called some of the best in Europe. However, some beaches in Denmark just simply overshadow all others. No matter where you are in Denmark, a top-of-the-list beach (and maybe more than one) will be nearby. All of these beaches are "Blue Flag" certified, which means they have great water quality, Danish public toilets, meet safety standards, and include environmental education activities.

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    Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen, Denmark
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    If you don't want to stray too far from the Danish capital, visit Amager Strandpark, the beach right outside Copenhagen. Public transportation offers three stops along this beach (get off at Amager Strand Station), and there is an impressive view of the Oresund Bridge and across the water to Sweden. This beach doesn't just have sand; it even has dunes. It also has pools fit for toddlers that are formed by an artificial island and a lagoon, a promenade, and picnic areas. It's a place for some all-day fun and chill-out time on a trip to sophisticated Copenhagen.

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    Middelfart Marina is a popular beach for families on the Danish island of Funen. Besides great sand and gorgeous water, you'll find a small shop and car parking close to the beach, as well as activities and a nice playground for children. More or less in the center of Denmark, this beach is easy to find: From Odense, take road E20 (toward Middelfart/Kolding). From Kolding, go east on Road 161 instead.

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    Beach and Dunes of Jutland, Denmark
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    In the southwestern part of Jutland, near Esbjerg, you can pick among two great sandy beaches: Nymindegab Strand and Henne Strand. These Danish beaches are known for their high sand dunes and nice waves on the North Sea. Drive toward the west coast of Jutland, and Road 181 will then lead you to Nymindegab.

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    Bisnap Beach is near the northern end of Jutland, outside the town of Hals. The sheer size alone of this Danish beach makes it worth a visit. There are activities for kids, good parking, and even wheelchairs can access this Danish beach easily on a dedicated path to the beach. Hals is found easily; it's about 30 km (20 mi) east of Aalborg.

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    If you're looking for a peaceful beach walk—just you, the sand, and the ocean—Bildso Beach might be just what you're after. It is one of the quieter, smaller beaches in Denmark with greens and nature typical of Zealand. Bildso Beach is pretty much of a hidden gem and a real travel secret. Parking is convenient, and there's a small convenience store nearby if you want to buy snacks or drinks. To get there, drive to Slagelse, the bigger town nearby, and from there follow road 277 for 15 minutes.