Pictures of Top Attractions in Verona, Italy

Piazza delle Erbe

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Verona is a city in northern Italy known for Romeo and Juliet and for its Roman Arena, the third largest arena in Italy and one of the top venues for opera performances.

Verona's picturesque medieval center holds many interesting sights including beautiful squares, medieval towers, and the Romanesque cathedral complex. Castelvecchio, a 14th-century fortress and residence, has an excellent museum. In addition to the Roman Arena, Verona has a smaller Roman theater with a museum and remains of several Roman sites.

Take a virtual tour of Verona with these photos. Piazza delle Erbe is on the site of the Roman forum and was Verona's market square. In the center of the square is a 14th-century fountain with a Roman statue. The square is a great place to go for a coffee or before dinner drink in one of the cafes.

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Roman Arena in Piazza Bra

Roman Arena

Verona's Roman arena is Italy's third largest Roman arena. Next to the arena is Piazza Bra lined with elegant buildings. The Roman arena is a top venue for summer music festivals in Italy.

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Inside the Roman Arena

Roman Arena
LUke1138/Getty Images

Verona's Roman arena is a top venue for opera performances. Plays and concerts are also held inside the arena. Buy Verona Arena opera tickets from Select Italy.

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Juliet's Statue, House and Balcony

Juliet Capulet's balcony in Verona, Italy and statue
icenando/Getty Images

Verona is home to the famous lovers, Romeo and Juliet. This photo shows Juliet's balcony and statue - people rub her left breast for good luck.

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Frescoes in Piazza delle Erbe

Fresco on building facace in Piazza Erbe. Verona-Italy,
nimu1956/Getty Images

Buildings of medieval origin around Verona's Piazza delle Erbe are beautifully decorated with frescoes.

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Verona Roman Theater and Archaeology Museum

View of Roman Theater from Across the River
Martha Bakerjian

The Verona Roman Theater and Archeology Museum are across the river from Verona's historic center. The Roman Theater dates from the 1st century.

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Roman Mosaic in Archeology Museum

Roman Floor Mosaic in Archaeology Museum
Martha Bakerjian

The Archaeology Museum is in a former convent above the Roman theater. In the museum are Roman mosaics, Etruscan and Roman bronzes, and Roman sculptures and inscriptions.

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View of Piazza delle Erbe from Above

Italy, Verona, view to Piazza delle Erbe with stalls and Torre del Gardello in the background
Westend61/Getty Images

This photo of Piazza delle Erbe was taken from Lamberti Tower, a good place to go for views of Verona.

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Verona Duomo or Cathedral

Cathedral of Verona, Italy
Emya Photography/Getty Images

Verona's Duomo is Romanesque and has a 16th-century bell tower. The fascinating complex includes a 12th-century Baptistery and remains of a 4th-century church.

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Lamberti Tower in Piazza dei Signori

Lamberti Tower and Lamp at the Piazza delle Erbe in Verona, Discovering Italy
Sebastian Condrea/Getty Images

Visitors can go to the top of the medieval Lamberti Tower for great views of Verona. Statues of famous men adorn buildings in Piazza dei Signori, below the tower.

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Photo of Castelvecchio Courtyard

Courtyard of Castelvecchio Fortress
Duckmaster/Wikimedia CC 2.0

Verona's Castelvecchio Fortress has an interesting museum, entered through this courtyard.

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Photo of Piazza Bra

Cafes, restaurants and shops at 'Piazza Bra' in Verona in Italy
marako85/Getty Images

Piazza Bra is a huge piazza inside the main gate into Verona. The piazza, by the Arena, has a broad walkway and elegant buildings with cafes and restaurants.

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Horse and Carriage by the Roman Arena

Horse and Carriage by the Arena of Verona
Martha Bakerjian

Horse-drawn carriage rides through Verona are available near the Roman Arena in Piazza Bar.

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