Top Attractions in Dominica

What to see and do in the "Nature Island of the Caribbean"

They don’t call Dominica the Caribbean's "Nature Island" for nothing. Dominica is home to a plethora of natural wonders and offers adventurers plenty of opportunities to get in touch with their wild side. A main shooting location for the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series, Dominica is home to many attractions that will shiver the timbers of your inner swashbuckler.

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Kalinago Territory

© Kalinago Territory
Phone +1 767-445-7979

At Kalinago Territory, visitors to Dominica can learn about the island’s history and the heritage of its indigenous Carib people. The Touna Kalinago Heritage Village showcases traditional practices of the tribe’s riverside community and allows travelers to get a taste of what life in Dominica was like before European colonization in the 1600s. The Kalinago Territory Home Stay Program also offers travelers the option of staying with an indigenous family overnight to experience a day in the life of a Kalinago.

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The Old Market

© Dominica Tourism Authority
Old Market of Roseau, Roseau, Dominica

Also known as Old Market Plaza and Dawbiney Market Square, this historic trading mecca is a must-see. Formerly a center for slave auctions, Old Market now hosts local merchants selling their own handmade Dominican crafts as well as food, spices, etc. A great spot to get in touch with Dominican culture and find fun souvenirs for the folks back home.

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Screw's Sulfur Spas

© Screw's Sulphur Spas
Wotten Waven, Dominica
Phone +1 767-440-4478

Just 15 minutes outside Dominica’s capital city of Roseau lies the village of Wotten-Waven, home to a series of lush sulfur spas amidst the island’s natural greenery. Consisting of three pools of varying temperature constructed by Screw himself, the Spa gives health-conscious travelers the opportunity to kick back and relax curtesy of Dominica’s own hot water springs. Among visitors and locals, Screw’s has become, all puns intended, a community hotspot.

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Papillote Tropical Gardens

© Papillote Wilderness Retreat
Trafalgar, Dominica
Phone +1 767-448-2287

This rainforest-inspired garden designed by Anne Jno Baptiste is a must-see for floral enthusiasts. Covering 10 trail and stream-smattered acres and shaded by a canopy of trees, this is a perfect locale for travelers looking to find a bit of peace and quiet among Dominica’s natural landscape. For those botanists at heart, most plant species are labeled and visitors are encouraged to independently explore the ins and outs of this tropical oasis.

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Sea Turtle Viewing at Rosalie Beach

© geopungo via Flickr

Traveling between March and October? Swing by Rosalie Beach and you just might stumble upon some local sea turtles getting ready to bury their eggs and prepare for motherhood! Located 45 minutes outside the capital, Rosalie Bay is a bit off the beaten path but well worth the trip. This Atlantic-side beach is visited regularly by four of the seven species of sea turtle and, with or without turtles, is one of Dominica’s best beachfront locales.

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Morne Trois Pitons National Park

© luna76 via Flickr
48 Cork St, Roseau, Dominica

Centered around Morne Trois Pitons volcano, this national park is full of adventure. Prehistoric to a degree, the park is laden with hot springs and sulfur vents, as well as cliffs, lakes, and an extensive forest. Hiking enthusiasts will certainly leave the park satisfied after exploring the the nearly 7,000 hectares of this UNESCO World Heritage site, whose claim to fame is having the richest biodiversity in the Lower Antilles.

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