Top 5 Attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom

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    Disney's Best Magic Kingdom Adventures

    Mickey Mouse Dressing Room
    ••• Mickey Mouse's dressing room in the Magic Kingdom at Disney World. © The Walt Disney Company

    Disney World's Magic Kingdom has been entertaining crowds for over 40 years and the theme park is still as popular as ever.

    While many of the attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom are long-running favorites, recent renovations to Fantasyland offers returning guests a new take on a popular ride and new experiences based on more recent Disney movie characters. Still it is the iconic attractions that continue to draw the crowds, making them the top must-see attractions at Disney World's first and foremost theme park.

    Since it's nearly impossible to see all the attractions at Disney's Magic Kingdom in one day, you'll want to make sure your plans include at least one or more of the following top five can't-miss attractions.

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    Pirates of the Caribbean

    Pirates of the Caribbean Magic Kingdom
    ••• Just one of the fun and intriguing scenes in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Magic Kingdom. Courtesy of Walt Disney World News

    Yo ho, yo ho... it's a pirates life for me! This classic Magic Kingdom ride that launched the movie series showcases Disney's Animimatronics at its best with ghostly sightings and rowdy pirate pillaging. Fans of the movie series and Jack Sparrow will enjoy searching the attraction's scenes for the spry swashbuckler. After a rather long dungeon queue, guests board a boat for a ride through the pirate-themed attraction. Most of the ride is gentle, but passengers may be caught by surprise during a sudden drop that usually creates a small splash.

    Pirates of the Caribbean Tips:

    • Pirates of the Caribbean is the perfect attraction for getting out of the summer heat. Its literally one of the coolest rides in the Magic Kingdom, from the time you step into the pre-show dungeon queue through the end of the ride you will enjoy relief from the outside temperature.
    • This ride has no height restrictions and is suitable for all ages, but small children may become frightened by some of the...MORE scenes. Adults may use the Disney rider switch program to enjoy this attractions without waiting in line more than once.

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    Haunted Mansion

    Haunted Mansion Magic Kingdom
    ••• Matt Stroshane / Walt Disney World News

    This popular Disney classic ride has received a facelift and a new hands-on interactive queue area. So, if you haven't visited the Haunted Mansion in a while... it's time!

    After your trip through the new outdoor queue, and finally escaping a foyer with no windows and doors, you'll board a "doom buggy" for your ride to the other side. Don't worry, the ghosts are lively and friendly, although you may not know whether to laugh at their antics or cry in fear. Either way you'll safely emerge from the experience with a helpful hitchhiker that is "dying" to go home with you.

    Haunted Mansion Tips:

    • The sights and sounds you may experience on this ride may be disturbing to some.
    • Children under seven years of age must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
    • The Haunted Mansion may be frightening to young children. Parents may take advantage of Disney's Rider Switch Program to enjoy this attraction without additional waiting.

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    Dumbo the Flying Elephant

    Dumbo the Flying Elephant
    ••• You'll have twice the fun in Fantasyland with the chance to ride two Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides and experience a fun circus-themed pre-ride area. Courtesy of Walt Disney World News

    The next time you visit Disney's Magic Kingdom, don't think the heat has gotten to you and you're seeing double. Disney's recent expansion of Fantasyland has more than doubled the fun of this popular ride that now includes two Dumbo the Flying Elephant rides and a circus-themed pre-ride area that offers guests a cool, relaxing and fun experience. Now there are not only slides and climbing nets for children to play, but also a toddler play area and abundant seating for adults to relax.

    Dumbo the Flying Elephant Tips:

    • Children under seven years of age must be accompanied by a person age 14 years or older.
    • Obtaining a FastPass+ for this ride will cut down on your wait time.
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    It's a Small World

    It's a small world
    ••• This popular attraction at Disney's Magic Kingdom is beloved by all ages. Gene Duncan / Walt Disney World News

    You absolutely cannot ride this attraction without humming the catchy tune, "It's a Small World" for the rest of the day. The lyrics of the melody seamlessly brings more than 300 costumed dolls representing more than 100 nations together in five languages to impart the important message that it is indeed a small world.

    It's a Small World Tips:

    • It's a Small World can give guests a relief from the hot sun with a covered queue and air conditioned attraction.
    • Like many other attractions, disabled guests must transfer from their wheelchair or ECV to board the ride vehicle.

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    Space Mountain

    Space mountain Magic Kingdom
    ••• Take an out-of-this-world ride on a high-speed rocket in Space Mountain at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Matt Stroshane / Walt Disney World News

    Other than Cinderella's Castle, Space Mountain is one of the most recognizable attractions on the Magic Kingdom landscape. The out-of-this-world coaster was Disney World's first and is still one the most thrilling. Guests board a rocket ship and climb to a height of 180-feet before being blasted through the darkness in a series of twists, turns and drops.

    Space Mountain Tips:

    • It is important that you should be in good health to ride this coaster. Those with high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions that could be aggravated by sharp motion should not ride.
    • If you're visiting Disney World while pregnant, you should not ride this attraction.
    • This ride may not be suitable for young children. Parents may take advantage of Disney's Rider Switch Program to enjoy this attraction without additional waiting.
    • Due to its popularity, lines are often very long for this attraction. Obtaining a FastPass+ for this ride will cut down on your wait time.