Top Aruba Restaurants

Where to dine out and get great meals on Aruba

Aruba has some of the best restaurants in the Caribbean, specializing not only in native cuisine but also showing off Dutch influences and adept interpretations of seafood and grilled dishes from around the world. Here's a taste of what's cooking in Aruba!

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    Pinchos Grill & Bar, Surfside Marina, Aruba. © Pinchos Grill & Bar

    One of Aruba's newest and hippest restaurants, Pinchos has a unique outdoor setting suspended above the Caribbean Sea; rattan furniture and huge overstuffed pillows add to the laid-back ambience. The menu consists almost entirely of "pinchos" or kabobs. Located on the pier of the Surfside Marina, Pinchos is of one of the most beautiful (and popular) spots to watch sunsets in Aruba.

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    Couple dining at Marandi. © Aruba Tourism Authority

    This is a gorgeous open-air seafood restaurant situated under a huge palapa near downtown Oranjestad. The eclectic mix of Dutch, Aruban and Caribbean foods is unmatched, and the menu includes stuffed pastries and pasta dishes that will appeal to vegetarians. The barefoot casual atmosphere -- typified by the restaurant's white-sand floor -- is what Aruba is all about.

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    Photo by Michael Johnson/CC by 2.0

    I'm usually wary of hotel restaurants, but this chic and contemporary eatery in the Renaissance Aruba Resort and Casino offers some of the best steaks on Aruba. Get a table by the window for spectacular views of the marina and ocean.

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    Dining with your feet in the water at the Flying Fishbone restaurant. © Aruba Tourism Authority

    It's a bit of a misnomer to call Flying Fishbone a waterfront restaurant; depending on the tide, you might actually find your feet in the water while you dine. This Saveneta restaurant offers you the very best seafood on island, including multiple catch-of-the-day specials, as well as hearty beef tenderloin, sirloin, ribeyes, and other steaks and chops.

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    Papiamento restaurant. © Aruba Tourism Authority

    Many longtime visitors -- including my in-laws -- call this the best restaurant in Aruba. Papiamento is an island institution that offers international cuisine in a classic Aruban country house. The restaurant allows guests to dine in a lush outdoor garden or in one of the home's intimate and antique-filled rooms. Some dishes are grilled on hot stones; tenderloin topped with gorgonzola is a house specialty. Yes, this is where Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands eats when she visits!

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    The Old Man and the Sea

    Al fresco dining at The Old Man and the Sea. © Aruba Tourism Authority
    Like Brisas del Mar and the Flying Fishbone, The Old Man an the Sea is located on the beach in the small Aruban community of Savaneta. It's a beautiful setting for a romantic seafood dinner, even if you do pay for the ambiance. Highly rated!
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    Carte Blance restaurant, Aruba
    Photo courtesy Carte Blanche, Aruba

    Self-proclaimed as a "exciting dining experience," Carte Blanche offers  a unique, ever-changing menu for those who love to indulge in exquisite dishes, while also embracing new flavors and adventurous foods.

    Limited to only 14 guests at a time, the Carte Blanche dining experience includes 5 unique courses prepared by Chef Dennis and an optional pairing menu of wines provided by Maitre d' Glen. Throughout the evening, guests will not only be served expertly prepared dishes in a warm and intimate environment, they will also be able to interact with Chef Dennis and Glen, who will tell them about Aruba's culinary history as well as educate them on the construction of the dishes of the evening.  

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    Kamini's Kitchen

    Kamini's Kitchen, Aruba
    Kamini's Kitchen, Aruba. Photo via TripAdvisor

     Kamini's Kitchen in St. Nicholas masters the art of delicious, home-cooked food in a friendly, comfortable environment. Kamini herself is both the owner and chef, and for many who come in to her kitchen, also the entertainment. A warm personality and Aruba local, Kamini's charm and conversation warms up guests almost as much as her delicious food, which is clearly a labor of love. 

    For more info, visit the Kamini's Kitchen Facebook page