Top Activities for Kids in Beijing

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Beijing has plenty to offer your kids in the way of large open spaces within the monuments you'll visit: the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven are perfect examples. But every kid can get tired and sometimes they need a little kid-centric time. When you see their eyes start to glaze over, choose one of these activities to lift their spirits. They'll be more apt to follow you to the Great Wall afterward.

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Beijing Aquarium

Haidian District, China, 100082
Phone +86 10 6217 6655
  • Description: Indoor aquarium
  • Address: 137 Xiwai Dajie, a 15 minute walk from the Zoo
  • Comments: If you can get around the fact that Beijing is not on a coast, the largest inland aquarium in Asia is a fun place to take the kids to see some beautiful fish.
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Le Cool

China, Bei Jing Shi, Chao Yang Qu, Jian Guo Men Wai Da Jie, 1号国贸商城B2层 邮政编码: 100004
Phone +86 10 6505 5776
  • Description: Indoor ice-skating rink
  • Address: B2/F, 1 Jianguomenwai Dajie in the World Trade Center
  • Comments: A nice kid-centered activity to negotiate the next temple visit.
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Splash Recreation Club

  • Description: Outdoor/indoor swimming pools.
  • Address: Sino-Swiss Hotel, Beijing, 9 Xiaotianzhu Road
  • Comments: If you're visiting Beijing in the summer months, a stop at Splash will probably make your kids love you a little more.
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Beijing World Park

Fengtai District, China, 100070
  • Description: Theme park of world landmarks in miniature.
  • Address: 158 Fengbao Road, Huaxiang
  • Comments: If China wasn't on the top of the list for the kids, take them to Beijing World Park to see their hoped-for destination in miniature.
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Beihai Park

1 Wen Jin Jie, 西安门 Xi Cheng Qu, China, 100034
Phone +86 10 6403 3225
  • Description: Large historical park northeast of the ForbiddenCity.
  • Address: 1 Wenjinjie
  • Comments: Beihai Park is a fantastic spot to amble around enjoying a break from the city. Climb up to the white tower, a Beijing landmark, or have fun on the paddle boats.
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Shijingshan Amusement Park

China, Bei Jing Shi, Shi Jing Shan Qu, CRD银座 邮政编码: 100043
Phone +86 10 6887 6016
  • Description: Beijing's largest amusement park with rides and faux Disney characters.
  • Address: 25 Shijingshan Road
  • Getting there: Subway: Line One (Bajiao Station).
  • Comments: The park's slogan is "Disneyland is too far." Indeed, Beijingers need not go all the way to Hong Kong as the park is basically a Disney rip-off featuring Minnie Mouse ("a cat with big ears"), Cinderella's castle and Snow White and the Seven, um, Munchkins...
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Ancient Coin Exhibition Hall

  • Description "Gudai Qianbi Zhanlanguan" in Chinese, a museum housing ancient coins.
  • Address Desheng Men Jianlou
  • Getting there Metro: Jishui Tan (218, exit A)
  • Comments Hundreds of different types of currencies used throughout China's history on display. The building, an old military tower, is fun to explore itself.
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Milu Park

China, Bei Jing Shi, Da Xing Qu, 鹿苑路QFH5+H52 邮政编码: 102676
Phone +86 10 6928 0675
  • Description: "Milu Yuan" in Chinese, wildlife sanctuary housing descendants of an extinct deer-family animal "milu" as well as other endangered species.
  • Address: Nan Haizi Milu Yuan, Daxing Qu
  • Getting there: Take bus 729 from Qian Men metro stop (208) to Jiu Gong where you change to minibus no. 4.
  • Comments: the park is located in the Southern Marshes of Beijing where Chinese emperors historically went hunting and held military exercises.
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Five-Color Earth Craft Center

  • Description: "Wu Se Tu Gongyifang" in Chinese, an interactive center for arts and crafts.
  • Address: Dog Cheng Shaonian Gong, Dong Zhi Men Nan Lu 10, East side of East Second Ring Road, green-roofed building north of metro stop, Dongsi Shi Tiao
  • Getting there: metro stop, Dongsi Shi Tiao (213, Exit B)
  • Comments: Children can try their hands at tie-dyeing, embroidering and painting as well as pottery (though for that you'll need to book in advance 010-6415-3839, have your hotel concierge help).
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Top Activities for Kids in Beijing