Copenhagen Airport Shuttles to and From Copenhagen

Need a shuttle between Copenhagen and Kastrup International Airport?

Nyhavn, Copenhagen in the morning
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If you are looking to get from the Copenhagen airport to the city, there are two types of airport shuttle services available for online reservation. You can either reserve a one-way or a round trip shuttle.

After you've figured out how to get around the Copenhagen airport and want to go to the city, use a reliable, private transfer service so you don't have to wait for any other travelers and can avoid delays.

An English-speaking driver picks you up (waiting for you at the airport or at your hotel) around the clock. Three vehicle sizes are available.

Also, ask your hotel if it offers a free airport shuttle. Many do. 

Service for Copenhagen

This airport shuttle service transfers travelers between Copenhagen and the Kastrup International Airport. It's a one-way transfer in the direction of your choice. If you're going from Kastrup International Airport to Copenhagen, the shuttle will bring you directly to your hotel.

For Copenhagen

This is the same service as above but includes airport transfer both ways, to and from Copenhagen.

Luxury Shuttle

A luxury airport shuttle service is also available in Copenhagen, provided by companies such as MyDriver and World Airport Transfer. Prices are higher since the service is aimed at business travelers and luxury travelers.

Shuttle Tips

When booking one of these private airport shuttle services, make sure to provide your flight details and hotel information for your visit to Copenhagen once you have the information available.

This will ensure that the shuttle driver knows exactly when and where to pick you up.

Other Transportation Options

If you don't want to take the shuttle, here are some other ways to get from the airport to Copenhagen

  • The Metro trains. You can access the trains from in the airport, above terminal three. (Note: Take a free shuttle between terminals.) The trains run regularly all day and evening.
  • The bus. Hop on bus 5A for a ride to many popular destinations in the city, including City Hall Square and Copenhagen Central Station. 
  • A taxi. You'll find taxis waiting in terminal one and three.