Tivoli Gardens

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    Tivoli Gardens Classic Carousel

    Amusement rides at Tivoli Gardens
    ••• Rides at Tivoli Gardens include this beautifully painted antique carousel. Susan Breslow Sardone

    Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark – a combination of rides, entertainment, restaurants, shopping, and natural beauty – has drawn lovers and others since 1843.

    After the rides, the most popular attractions at Tivoli Gardens are its Concert Hall, which hosts everything from classical music to ballets to visiting performers; Tivoli Aquarium, which is Europe's longest saltwater aquarium; and the magnificent rose garden.

    Tivoli Gardens is open from mid-April through mid-September, seven days a week. It is also open for a few days around Halloween and weeks in November and December. The best time to visit is during the long northern summers that peak between late June and mid-August. Then the park stays open until midnight during the week and slightly later on weekends.

    At night Tivoli Gardens is particularly magical, its enchantments illuminated and reflected in waterscapes.

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    Tivoli Gardens Star Flyer and Golden Tower

    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    The rides are one of the main attractions in Tivoli Gardens. Two of the most exciting ones are the Star Flyer red roller coast and the Golden Tower. The latter lifts riders vertically in a whoosh and then precipitously drops them, repeating the process several times.

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    Tivoli Gardens Dragon Boats

    Tivoli dragon boats
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    Considered a ride, the dragon boats at Tivoli Gardens are available from 11:30 a.m. on. Visitors can purchase single ride tickets, multi-ride tickets, and season passes. Most rides require one to three tickets.

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    Tivoli Gardens Games of Chance

    Midway games
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    Like fairs and festivals the world over, Tivoli Gardens has an area where visitors can try their luck at games of chance.

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    Tivoli Gardens Rose Garden

    ••• © Susan Breslow Sardone, licensed to About.com, Inc.

    Stop and smell the roses! Resplendent in summer, the roses at Tivoli Gardens bloom in red, white, yellow, and pink. Elsewhere throughout the park, orange trees and other fragrant and colorful foliage add to the loveliness of the setting.

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    Tivoli Gardens Open-Air Stage

    Tivoli open air stage
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    Every Friday night in summer, starting at 10 p.m., the Open-Air Stage presents Danish rock and popular music acts. International performers tread the boards as well.

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    Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall

    Tivoli Gardens concert stage
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    The Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall hosts everything from classical music to ballets to visiting performers such as k.d.lang.

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    Tivoli Gardens Dragon

    Tivoli Gardens entrance

    This menacing black dragon guards the entrance to Tivoli Gardens opposite Glyptoteket, which is across the park from the main Central station entrance.

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    Tivoli Gardens Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurant in Tivoli Gardens
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

     This pagoda-style structure is one of the more than forty restaurants in Tivoli Gardens.

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    Tivoli Gardens Stone Guard

    Tivoli Gardens stone garden
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

    Although Tivoli Gardens maintains a security force, this fierce-looking concrete statue outside the Chinese restaurant also serves to deter ne'er-do-wells.

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    Tivoli Gardens El Toro

    Games of chance Tivoli Gardens
    ••• Susan Breslow Sardone

     Tests of strength and other challenges dot Tivoli Gardens.

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    Tivoli Gardens Shopping

    The Illums Bolighus store
    ••• The Illums Bolighus store displays everything from Scandinavian-designed housewares (including Georg Jensen products) to jewelry to glassware and ceramics to dolls and small souvenirs. Susan Breslow Sardone

    There are seven shops in Tivoli Gardens. Some are dedicated to selling just balloons, or candy, or teddy bears. This store specializes in Scandinavian giftware.