5 Tips for Kentucky Derby Attire

A Kentucky Derby hat.
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Hold on to your hats, it's time for the Kentucky Derby! An opportunity to celebrate Louisville, sip Mint Juleps, and for every lady to bring out her inner Southern Belle. Wondering what to wear in order to fit in at the Greatest Two Minutes in Sports? Or maybe you won't be at the track, but are headed to a classy Kentucky Derby Party. Either way, here are a handful of tips to help you out and get you looking the part, from head to toe. 

Want to dress to the nines on a budget? Make your own Kentucky Derby hat!

Shoes to Spare

If you are headed to Churchill Downs, be warned, Derby Day can be a long day indeed. It is a day filled with fun and excitement, but still, it is long. So, although heels may be just the thing for your grand entrance, you may want to have something more forgiving in your bag. Trust me, you won't be the only one to switch into a low flat for an hour or two. In fact, you might even see a few people with sandals or flip flops, simply giving their Kentucky toes a break.

Yes, You Need a Hat

All you have heard is true, Kentucky Derby hats are big, wild, and ornate. Most women will have them and a lot of the men, too. Think colorful and festive when choosing a hat. And although there are plenty of opportunities to spend a bundle on your Derby accessory, you can always make your own Derby hat, too. It is a fun, celebratory tradition. Enjoy it and join in the fun without getting to hung up on the details.

Watch the Weather 

Kentucky can be hot come the first Saturday in May, but then again, it can be cool. That's right, unpredictable. The warmest Kentucky Derby came in at 94 degrees in 1959, but there have been cold Derby Days, too. In 1935 and 1957, the thermometer only made it up to 47 degrees. Usually, at least over the past decade, the temperatures are normally in the 60s and 70s. Many ladies opt for a summer dress, then, if the temperatures fall, they can choose to top it with a jacket or sweater.

Be Creative

Matching your shoes, handbag, and dress is allowed and will be worn by many. But you will also see plenty of folks dressed funky! Just as the gals are donning a fabulous dress and hat, gents should suit up as well. Since the temperature may be warm, many men choose seersucker or linen.

Wondering what to wear? No problem, below are a few spots to get you started.

Want to dress to the nines on a budget? Make your own Kentucky Derby hat!

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