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Swedish Kronor currency
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There is no obligation to leave a tip in Sweden, and gratuity for service charges like hotel staff or hairdressers is already included in your total bill. Workers are paid much better wages in Sweden—including at the McDonalds there.

There may be two areas where you may decide to leave a tip—for servers at a bar or restaurant and your taxi driver. Even then, it is only if you feel that you received exceptional service or if your taxi driver was helpful like he narrated a tour of the city as he drove.

How to Tip

Although Sweden is a member of the European Union, the country does not use the euro, it has retained the use of the krona.

Swedish tipping behavior changes when you go out to eat or drink. It is common to leave a small tip of 5 percent or 10 percent in a restaurant or bar. And, in some cases, your bill may have the small service charge included. Check the bill before you leave an additional tip.

The way to tip appropriately in Sweden is to tip by rounding up the amount of the bill. For example, if the bill for your dinner is 121.60 it would be appropriate to give the waiter an even amount of 130, in Swedish krona.

You may decide to give your taxi driver a little tip. Also give this tip in the form of rounding up to the nearest even amount, for example for a charge of 73.50, simply give 80 even.

Tipping Guide

The tipping custom has only become more prevalent in recent years with the influx of travelers who are used to tipping elsewhere.

Service Tipping Custom
Cafe Server If there is a tip jar by the cash register, it is a nice gesture to leave a couple of coins. For exceptional table service, round up to the nearest krona.
Waiter It is not customary to tip at restaurants, but a tip of up to 10 percent for exceptional service is sufficient.
Bartender It is not necessary to tip a bartender, as most do not expect it and some may even refuse it. Table service, however, is considered to be separate, and it is considerate to leave a few coins for great service.
Taxi driver A tip is not expected but is appreciated. A good rule of thumb is to round up to the nearest krona for exceptional service.
Airport shuttle driver No tip.
Doorman Gratitude is always welcome when a doorman assists with luggage or hailing transportation. A simple thank you is appreciated, but feel free to offer 5kr to 10kr for exceptional service.
Bellhop For heavier bags or extra help, a tip of 5kr to 10kr is appreciated but not necessary.
Housekeeper Everything is typically included in the hotel bill, but feel free to leave 5kr to 10kr for a spotless stay.
Concierge If the concierge goes above and beyond with helping you book reservations, giving you directions, and providing insider recommendations, it is considerate to tip 5kr to 10 kr. Ultra deluxe hotels: Do not tip.
Stylist A tip is not expected and is up to your own discretion to leave one.
Spa Services Provider No tip.
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