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Restaurant in Oslo

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If you are interested in a vacation full of gorgeous views and intriguing cultural activities, the Scandinavian country of Norway might hit the spot. Whether you are hoping to see coastal fjords or Viking ships, ski at a resort, or attend one of the local food and art festivals—such as Geilo's Ice Music Festival featuring instruments carved from ice—Norway has something for everyone.

Those going to northern Europe and stopping in Norway may be surprised to find that tipping is not mandatory or expected, and most employees are thought to receive a livable wage. However, it's good to know the situations in which tipping may be an option—and your knowledge will be much appreciated by service staff. Some services include gratuity in the bill, so check carefully before paying a tip with the local currency, called the krone.

Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes

When you dine out, there will usually already be a service charge on your bill. You can add a tip of up to about 10 percent or round up if you feel satisfied with how you were treated, but it's not mandatory. Some kitchen staff, dishwashers, waitstaff, and other restaurant employees pool their tips as their shift closes.

In bars and cafes, it is not required to leave anything, but tips are gratefully received if you love the service.


Tipping the cleaning staff, concierges, doormen, bellhops, and others working in hotels is uncommon. Tips are covered when you pay for your visit, but you can give a little something for great service. If you order room service, a service charge will normally be part of any bill.

Salons and Spas

A fee may be part of the spa bill; if not, feel free to leave about 10 percent for a tip. If you are happy with your new hairstyle, you can give a token of appreciation.

Taxi and Other Drivers

Tipping taxi drivers in Norway is not common but if you are feeling generous, round up to the nearest amount, especially if the driver took you somewhere far or through heavy traffic.

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