How Much Do I Tip in Las Vegas?

Do You Tip When You Are In Las Vegas?


Question: How Much Do I Tip in Las Vegas?

When you start planning that trip there are always little things you might need to know so I have tried to put them together in an easy to find way. The information should help you with some of the questions you have about Las Vegas.

Answer: The Art of Tipping

People in Las Vegas provide a service to you that make your stay more pleasurable. It’s a simple thing and rewarding that service is expected.

A couple of dollars to anyone who is helping you out normally does the trick. But, it gets confusing sometimes so I will give you a few guidelines. Remember, these are just tipping guidelines, don't feel compelled to tip when the service is bad but don't hold back when someone has done a very good job.

Gambling and the Dealers – My opinion here is simple, if I’m winning and the dealer is making my experience enjoyable, I tip. If they are bothered with the thought of conversation, I don’t tip. Some dealers will keep an eye on you and help you get as close to winning as possible. That I tip. Others, act as if they cannot ever suggest anything to the player. There, I do not tip. You can tip during the action or you can tip as you leave the table, that is entirely up to you. Ask the dealer about their preference for tipping. Some are gamblers and some are not.

Poker Dealers – If you win a pot send a chip over to the dealer.

They deal the cards and they have to put up with abuse from the players. A good dealer can split pots and keep the game going while a bad dealer can let things get out of control. Most Las Vegas dealers are very knowledgeable so drop a few chips in their pocket.

Casino Waitresses – I tip them regardless of my luck.

Drinks are free and these girls typically will keep coming back as long as you are kind to them. If I believe that I need better service I will tip five to ten dollars up front and that guarantees that I will always have a drink in my hand. Otherwise, a dollar or two per drink is fine.

Taxi – I am the most liberal with Taxi drivers, if the person is friendly and shares stories about Las Vegas and makes my experience pleasant they can usually expect as much as five dollars. If I get a driver who places my life in danger and can’t even suggest a good place to get a shrimp cocktail the tip may evaporate. $2 is customary below fifteen dollars. If you have a driver who is taking the long way make sure to point it out. Don't tip any one who long hauls you.

Bellmen - I usually will tip 2 dollars per bag up to about ten or twelve dollars.

At the Buffet – It is customary to tip one to two dollars per person in your party for drinks and the clearing of dishes. Some buffets have eliminated beverage service and have made that self serve as well, for that you tip $1 for the clearing of plates per person in your party.

Restaurants – 15% for good service and more for great service. I tend to have a problem with this as it has come to be expected that the tip is 15% regardless of the service.

Remember, if someone has been bad, there is no need to reward them for their poor service. However, if a server makes your dinner legendary, go ahead and reward them for the good work.