Timberhawk Rollercoaster at Wild Waves

The best rollercoaster in the Seattle area…and all of Washington state!

Washington State is not exactly known for its thrill rides. In fact, we only have one larger theme park (and it's not very large) and it’s located right between Seattle and Tacoma—Wild Waves Theme and Water Park. Special note, if you've visited Wild Waves before, but not for a few years, you may remember a time when the theme and water park had separate tickets. The parks have been reunited back under one ticket, which makes things easier for everyone.

The Timberhawk rollercoaster is one of several rides at the park, and it is hands down the best rollercoaster in the state, topping the only other options in the Seattle area—the rollercoaster at the Washington State Fair and the Wild Thing steel rollercoaster also at Wild Waves.

Love rollercoasters and don't want to drive to Silverwood in Idaho? Here's why you should consider a visit to Wild Waves and Enchanted Village just for Timberhawk.

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About Timberhawk

Timberhawk Rollercoaster
Kristin Kendle

Timberhawk is a wooden rollercoaster that was added to the park in 2003. At 75 feet tall, the ride packs in the thrills, including the traditional first drop. The ride is fast with top speeds of almost 60 mph and takes riders through drops, turns and thrilling passages within the wooden framework of the coaster.

You can't see Timberhawk from the front of the park as it's located at the very back, tucked into a patch of trees. Perhaps the best part of Timberhawk's location at Enchanted Village is that, even on clear, sunny, summer days, there's often not a lot of people at the park, meaning the lines for this ride are usually reasonable, if not non-existent.

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Timberhawk Stats

Timberhawk Rollercoaster
Kristin Kendle

Above all, what makes Timberhawk a true thrill ride is its sheer size and length, making it unique compared to the rest of the rides at Wild Waves Theme and Water Park.

Measuring at 2,600 feet of track, the rollercoaster lasts long enough to make you feel like you’ve had an experience. The ride was so much fun, I had to ride it twice and could have gone back for more. The track is fast, relatively smooth (for a wooden coaster—expect some jostling as it’s part of the experience) and served up plenty of air time.

  • Length: 2,600 feet
  • Height: 75 feet
  • Speed: 50-60 mph (but feels faster!)
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How does Timberhawk measure up to other area rollercoasters?

Wild Thing Rollercoaster
Kristin Kendle

Washington State is not known for its rollercoasters and has relatively few for Timberhawk to compete with. Really, the only competition is the historic rollercoaster at the Washington State Fair and the other rollercoaster at Wild Waves, a steel coaster called Wild Thing.

While the fair coaster is a lot of fun, it's track is much more straight forward than Timberhawk, with fewer twists and turns. However, both coasters reach similar speeds, and Timberhawk's first drop is a bit higher (still, Timberhawk lacks close proximity to fair scones and other tasty fair food, so there's that).

Its other competitor, the Wild Thing, really offers no competition unless you enjoy very short rollercoasters. Wild Thing is short enough that often ride operators will send the same riders through twice in a row.

Timberhawk – 2,600 feet
Wild Thing (at Wild Waves) – 1,565 feet
Washington State Fair Rollercoaster – 2,650

Timberhawk – 75 feet tall
Wild Thing – 75 feet tall
Washington State Fair Rollercoaster – 55 feet tall

Timberhawk – 50-60 mph
Wild Thing – 40 mph
Washington State Fair Rollercoaster – 50 mph

Winner: Timberhawk all the way!

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What Else is There to Do at Wild Waves and Enchanted Village

Wild Waves Wave Pool
Kristin Kendle

Of course, as much fun as Timberhawk is, chances are you didn't come to the park to ride only one ride. The rest of the theme park is worth checking out, but major coaster fans will likely not be dazzled by the other rides. Still, there are other fun rides with milder thrills. The Wild Thing, Disk’O Flashback, Timber Axe and Klondike Gold Rusher are the best of them. There's also the Soaring Eagle Zip Line, but that ride costs extra beyond park admission.

Kid rides at the park are a lot of fun for younger riders, as is the water park, which is a well-outfitted water park with tons of water slides, pools, splash areas and more.

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