Tigre Delta - Sub-Tropical Water Wonderland

Tigre Delta, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina
Roberto Ingledew

About the Paraná River Delta:


The Paraná River delta is a 14,000 square kilometer area where thousands of islands and inlets, water channels, rivers and backwaters form a sub-tropical wonderland about twenty miles northeast of Buenos Aires. See this interactive map from Expedia.


The Paraná is South America's second longest river, after the Amazon. It originates in southeastern Brazil at Paraíba and Grande Rivers, flows 1,600 miles (2,570 km) through Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and when it joins the Uruguay River to form Río de la Plata estuary, the delta region is known as Tigre.

Why Tigre?:


Long before explorers and settlers came into the delta region, the Yaguareté, the American Jaguar or Tiger, tigre made this area its habitat. Along with mosquitos, birds, fish, and abundant vegetacion, the Yaguareté was a common sight. It attacked humans and cattle and was rightly feared. Now almost extinct, the yaguareté or leo onca is a National Monument and gives its fierce name and reputation to an area now famous for rest and relazation.


Getting There:


Check flights from your area to Buenos Aires. Once there, you can drive, take a bus or a train from Buenos Aires. The trip takes an hour or less, and you’ll see views of the water. If you take the train, you have the option of getting off at stations along the way to enjoy shopping or sightseeing.


The train is an adventure in itself. Calling itself the Ferrocarril Ecologico, the train runs from the Maipu Station at Vicente Lopez to the Tigre station, along the Río de la Plata.

Along the way, you'll see the upscale neighborhoods of San Isidro and Tigre and the homes of the wealthy overlooking the Río de la Plata.

About Tigre:


Refer to this detailed map for activities, locations, placces to stay and eat. Zoom in on an area for particulars and photos of lodgings and restaurants.

By the number of places to stay and restaurants, you'll see how popular the Tigre is and how many visitors enjoy the area as a day trip, a weekend getaway or a cruising location.

The water is the prime attraction. You can rent a canoe or a kayak and paddle yourself around. You can take a guided tour of some of the channels.


Or you can take a several days cruise on a motor or sailboat to really relax and see the delta close up. Browse the offerings from this sample tour of the Tigre delta and islands.

Tigre is a pretty little town where from the main station, the Estación Fluvial, you can wander about the town, get a boat ride or enjoy a meal at one of the local restaurants.


If you watched The Amazing Race 7 during the Fourth Stop: Mendoza to Buenos Aires and Beyond, the contestants faced a challenge finding a certain island in the Tigre Delta.

Enjoy these photos of Tigre and the water attractions. The delta holds an important place in Argentine history. Buenos Aires had a difficult beginning, and the settlers moved from there to Tigre in the 1580’s. The fertile land drew farmers whose wheat harvests fed the growing population.


Today its agricultural heritage is present in the Fruit Market where you can buy produce.

rustic fabric, furniture and accessories made in cane and willow, jams and honey and flowers.

Tigre has three inner docks. One is for pleasure boats, including the catamarans for sightseeing. A second dock handles the boats bringing in foodstuffs and all the daily requirements. The third dock is for the timber boats who bring poplar and willow logs to market.


Things to Do and See:


  • The Museo de La Reconquista – celebrates the 1806 departure point of Santiago de Liniers for Buenos Aires to rid the capital of the British occupying forces
  • Naval Museum of the Nation - A miniature sea under the roofs of a picturesque museum exists above Paseo Victoria, opposite the Luján River
  • Circuito Camino Real – Tour the historic area to see the original homes, school, customs house, port and businesses of the settlers
  • Crystal Box - enclosing the home of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the Argentine Father of the Classroom
  • Circuito Paseo Lavalle Victorica – walk along the river to watch water activities, and enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink at the restaurants along the way. In March and November, you might enjoy watching the regattas
  • Parque de la Costa – one of the largest amusement parks in South America with roller coasters, fun rides, and other amusements, such as the light and sound shows, dances, and children’s entertainments
  • Martín García Island - named for a sailor, the island was for years a penal colony from which no one could escape and is now a National Historical Monumuent and Flora and Fauna Reserve. 
  • Fishing is a popular sport. See this photo of a Tararira fish.

    Whenever you visit the Tigre delta, buen viaje!

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