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Tiffany Headquarters

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Want to see the Tiffany Diamond in person? Or re-enact a scene from Breakfast at Tiffany's? One of New York City's legendary stores, Tiffany & Co. is located on Fifth Avenue and 57th Street and is a popular destination for New York City visitors. It first opened on October 21, 1940 and has been impressing both shoppers and window gazers ever since. It recently got a sophisticated cafe so you can now dine in the store.

About Tiffany & Co.

In 1837 a 25-year-old Charles L. Tiffany opened a small stationery and fancy goods store in New York City. He used a $1,000 loan from his father to do so, and he enlisted his friend John B. Young to be his partner. The store quickly became the go-to place for well-to-do New York City ladies to buy pure jewels. In 1867 the company even won the grand prize for silver craftsmanship at the 1867 World's Fair in Paris.

As Charles Tiffany grew richer he did things to make a name for himself. For example, he bought one-third of the French crown jewels. He also launched The Blue Book, the first mail-order catalogue to be distributed in the US. When he passed away in 1902 his son Louis Comfort Tiffany inherited the collection as well as the company.

The company moved to its current location in 1940 as the rich New New York City crowd moved uptown. The brand became even more famous when it debuted in Audrey Hepburn's Breakfast at Tiffany's in 1961. For the publicity photos she wore the famous Tiffany Diamond, a diamond with 82 facets to create a sparkling look (you can still see it in the store.)

Now people from all over the world descend on Fifth Avenue to see the famous Tiffany store.

Things to Do at Tiffanys

Tiffany & Co's Fifth Avenue location is still a popular spot for proposals as well as engagement ring shopping. There are lots of salespeople on hand to help you try on your favorite baubles and make an informed decision. 

Even if you can't afford to make a purchase, you can make like Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's and window shop. This is an excellent store for browsing, with so many of the goods in glass displays throughout the store. While many "window shoppers" just look at the displays on the main floor, it's worth it to work your way to the back of the store to ride the elevators upstairs to see some of the additional areas; they are far less crowded and allow you to really savor the Tiffany's experience.

Visitors also won't want to miss the chance to see the 128 karat Tiffany Diamond, which is normally displayed on the Main Floor of the Fifth Avenue flagship store. On the Mezzanine level, visitors to the Patek Philippe Salon will see a collection of important and historic watches on display.

On the fourth floor of the store is the Blue Box Cafe, a recent addition to the complex. It's hard to pass up the chance to literally have "Breakfast at Tiffanys" but if you can't make it that early, it's also fun for lunch and afternoon tea. The menu changes seasonally to incorporate local ingredients. You can read it here.

During the holiday season, the store is decked out both inside and out and well worth a visit. In the windows outside the buildings are displays made out of diamonds and blue boxes. You could go back a hundred times and still see new details in the display. Inside are elaborate holiday displays of lights, firs, and ribbons. There is no better way to get into the festive mood.

Tiffany & Co. Details

Address: 727 Fifth Avenue (57th St.)
Subway: N/R/Q to 59th St/5th Ave; E/M to 53rd St/5th Ave; F to 57th St
Phone: 212-755-8000
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10-7; Sunday: 12-6
Services: Tiffany's offers personal shopping services, as well as in-store diamond consultations. Call 800-518-5555 for more information or to make an appointment.

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